Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Childhood Dog

The other day my sister Jen did a wonderful post on her daughter's childhood dog Sherman.  It got me thinking about our childhood dog.  Now our dog did not come easy.  My Dad was not a big fan at that time of having a dog.  We tried a cat, but that cat was not really nice. I remember sitting around the dinner table one evening and Jen and I were really, really working the dog thing.  There are 7 years between her and I and we often did not agree with each other but we both agreed we really wanted a dog.  I think Jen was around second grade at the time.  Of course we promised to take care of the puppy and do everything......everything we said!!! So finally Dad agreed BUT he was going to pick the kind of puppy we were going to get and his choice was a collie, a Lassie dog.  I can't remember how much the puppy cost, maybe 50 or 75 dollars.  But the collie puppy we picked was the one with yellow paint on him and the one my sister dropped on his head while she was holding him......yes you did Jen!!!

The name we all agreed on was "Titan" and Titan soon became a very close part of the family.  He was truly the best family dog.  He was not really fond of car rides or the constant brushing a collie needs or trimming the mats from behind his ears but he sure could keep a secret!  And Titan knew lots of secrets about Jen and I esp. Jen who use to sneak out of the house at night ( I was the good daughter;) But he never told on us as long as we gave him extra treats.  Jen and I laugh today about how he grew up on Kibbles-n-Bits. 

Titan became a mentor for my first dog, a black Newfoundland name Brutus. For awhile, Titan and Brutus lived together at Mom and Dad's and they become good friends. When I got married and moved to my new house it was very hard not to have Titan with me even though I had my own dog.  When you grow up with a dog you don't think of how they weave their way into your heart.  Its not until years later, when they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and your life has moved on, that you realize how your relationship with your dog, actually had an impact on who you are today. 

Titan lived to be more than 16 years old.  He was every bit and more part of Jen's and my childhood.
How blessed we were to have a childhood dog to love and be loved by.


Lioness said...

I just found your blog via your sister Jen's and I must say, words cannot express how jealous I am. You give me hope for my own little dream of running a farm and answering to nobody but me, myself, and my dogs... and maybe some sheep. Only, I plan to throw some sled dogs in the mix. :o\

Does Dixie do any herding for you? She's just crazy cute. I can't get over how pretty her coloring is.

jen said...

O' my Titan. I miss you.
He did take all of our secrets to the Rainbow Bridge with him. He will always have a specal place in my heart and will never be forgotten.
Thanks for doing this tribute to him and Brutus sis:)

Heather said...

I don't think childhood is complete without a dog. I'm so so so glad my mum was an animal lover.

Tammy said...

What a pretty boy Titan was. He looks an awful lot like the original Lassie from the t.v. series. I was hooked on Lassie big time as a teeny kid. Read all the books, watched the shows. Then I discovered Albert Payson Terhune and the "Lad" series and it just cemented my need for a collie! Although we had several dogs (read many) as a child, a collie wasn't one of them. The day I moved out on my own though was the day I got my first collie. I've only been 'collie free' about five or six months in the last 24 years...

kristi said...

Thanks for stopping by! Its a lot of work but its very rewarding:) Dixie's color is a blue merle and she loves to herd up the lambs but not the big guys. My neighbors have 4 Alaskan Malamutes...they are beautiful! Stop back again to see us:)

He was our best friend growing up:)

I could not agee with you more!

They are such wonderful dogs with a big loving heart and I can't wait to see your new puppy!

Nancy K. said...

My growing up 'best friend' was "Elmer" ~ a black and white, short haired mutt. He watched over all six of us kids and was most definitely a member of the family.

Tammy got a new puppy????