Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Garden Tantrum

I spend much of my summer tending and playing in my garden-in-progress.  This does not mean, however, that everything goes or grows according to plan (like my cauliflower) or how it looked in the magazine.  Sometimes the vision is much simpler than the actual implementation.  And hence, the owner of the idea, me, case in point, finds herself in a bind.  And that bind often, very rarely I mean, causes a bad, mild, temper tantrum.  

I had this idea from last year to build a terrace in the garden so I could have a sitting area in the garden.  This would be a place where there would be some shade, I could plant a pretty climbing clematis, and have a nice view of the garden, maybe even put a few solar lights to make it look nice even in the evening.  So last weekend I started to build my. self.  Now I only have 2 hands; I am 4'10, I can use various power tools quite well BUT IT JUST WAS NOT GOING ACCORDING TO MY PLANS!!!  It was warm, I was frustrated, and the damn phone rings. REALLY??  And of course its my Mom and so I pitched a temper tantrum on the phone (without throwing the phone of course, Blackberries are too expensive to throw) and then my Daddy came over an hour later to help me:)  See he was concerned I might hurt myself some how like dropping a 2x4 on my head.  Now my Daddy and I worked very well together to get it all put up but he was concerned that I had not placed the posts perfectly square.......well what the heck, geometry was the only class in high school that I got a "D" in and I teach History now, a few inches ain't gonna kill me. 

This is one of the views from the terrace.........I am loving that huge birdhouse gourd growing.  Now speaking of gourds..............

So, I bought a few too many gourds at the garden center and didn't know where to put them.  There was this empty space between the chicken coop and the fence so I planted them there not expecting them to do too much.........WRONG!  Its like vines gone wild.

They are growing up the front and back of the chicken coop.  There are little swan and turtle gourds all over the vines so I am hoping they will be good by mid-September.  Last year my gourds did nothing and this year they are traveling everywhere! Its like the vines are having a temper tantrum!!!!

"Psst, hey Fletch, I have a secret to tell you."
Fletch, " What's the secret?"
"Its hot outside."
"No crap Sherlock, try wearing this wool coat you silly goat!"


jen said...

NO. YOU have a tantrum. I don't beleive it:)
Nice vines, I missed that when I was over last week.
The garden looks great. I am jealous!

ae1501 said...

How do the animals react to the tantrums? Feel free to share the gourds with those of us on the third floor!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

LOL...I can soooo relate to what you write, including have the father who comes to the rescue ;)

And just as a little encouragement...knitting to loose is much, much easier to deal with than knitting to tight! Good luck ;)

Susan said...

Love it. A wisteria would be awesome climbing there.

Teri said...

I think everything looks great - including the gourd vines. I've grown gourds for years and I know how they can make themselves at home on anything.
Love the sheep comments lol.

kristi said...

Mine are not as bad and frequent as yours;) You were too busy tending to Sherman to notice my vines!!

I will consider it but the 3rd floor is really hot and scary with all of those little ones so maybe i can just meet you in the parking lot LOL

thank you for stopping by! Dads are great guys;) Yes, that knitting is quite interesting for me!

I thought about wisteria but it too can get really out of hand!!
So are you the horse woman now? Missed you at the show today!

This year my vines are just crazy! Thank you for the compliments! I love the garden and playing in it!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love your garden area!

tera said...

Your garden is looking lovely...I so wish I had room for a garden. sigh...

It's too hot here, too, I would not want so much wool! :)