Monday, July 26, 2010

Watcha Reading this Summer?

I know its the end of July but I am starting to settle into a "slower" pace and trying to find some down time which I often have a problem doing.  I ordered a couple of books off of Amazon last week to help me with the down time.  I know alot of people are into the Kindell thing but I still like my books.  Just thought I'd share some of things I am reading and maybe if your reading, you can share some good finds that your reading:)

A friend suggested this book to me.  Its written by Temple Grandin, an autistic woman with a degree in animal science.  It covers chapters on horses, dogs, cats, cows, pigs, and yes, chickens.  So far, a very insightful read.  Its a good book for reflection if you "own" pets or livestock.

This book is written by Angela Miller, a New York literary agent, who bought a farm in Vermont and started a a cheese-making business with dairy goats.  And since my dream is to live in Vermont and I have LaMancha dairy goats........well, I thought this would be a good read and so far, I love it!

Now, did one honestly think I would not be reading a book on George Washington after I spent a whole week at Mount Vernone??  Actually, this book is a great read and really gives a whole different perspective on who Washington really was and how much he loved farming.  It has been very inspirational for me:)

And since Walmart is busting out with back-to-school supplies ALREADY, this cartoon made me laugh esp. since I am reading the book about animals making us human and I hate the thought of having to go back to work:(
Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and do share a good book your reading!!!!!


jen said...

Does the Newf Tide count:)

Kathy in KY said...

Hi Kristi - this summer I'm spending time reading a number of different books on the Amish & their lifestyle.

Amish Peace - Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World by Suzanne Woods Fisher. Each chapter has an Amish proverb or some such quote, then a few paragraphs by the author, and lastly a question/challenge for how we can implement this into our own lives.

Plain Secrets - An Outsider Among the Amish by Joe Mackall. Follows the author's friendship with a Swartzentruber Amish family in Ohio. I've found this one very interesting because it is not sensationalized or romanticized at all. Very straight forward, and positive, and informative.

Amish Women - Lives and Stories by Louise Stoltzfus. The author was raised in an Amish community in Lancaster Co PA, and left the community, though she lives only about 10 miles from her birth-home. She writes of different Amish women in each chapter, of all stripes within the community. It's a very easy read, and I finished it in just a couple of sittings. Larger print and spaced lines.

I'm also reading a book called Living Without Electricity by Stephen Scott and Kenneth Pullman, which is just a general book on some of the ways Amish families deal with everyday tasks without the use of electricity. It's simple and not very indepth, but a nice introduction for those who have wondered how the Amish "do it".

And off an on I'm reading thru a book called, Woodstove Cookery - At Home on the Range by Jane Cooper. Just to see what is all involved with cooking on a wood cookstove.

There's an odd chance that I may be moving to a one room cabin that is owned by a Mennonite family where I am going to move to in Casey Co KY that has no electricity nor indoor plumbing, so I wanted to find out as much as I could on this subject and the people.

Your reading list sounds very interesting, and is quite a bit more diverse than mine, for sure! I tend to pick one subject, and obsess about it, and pick up as much info as I can on it.

Thanks for sharing, and happy reading. Take care, from KY.

Nancy K. said...

It's been so long since I've read a book! I used to limit myself to a novel a week ~ otherwise I wouldn't get anything else done.

Unfortunately, after suffering a severe head injury in a horse riding accident, it is too difficult for me to read anymore. My eyes don't 'work together' and it's no longer a comfortable, relaxing experience.

I was, however, just last night, thinking that a 'Kindle' or one of those electronic book readers might be just the thing for me because I can make the text as large as I need it to be. That's how I manage to blog and read other people's blogs ~ I just make the text real big so that I can read it.

I wonder how much those electronic books cost....

Shula said...

Nancy most places like Amazon have a free kindle or other e-reader app for your computer. You can just download that and still use your PC :)

Summer for me is when I don't have to read textbooks. So I am reading Kelley Armstrong's Women of the otherworld series. I am also reading several books on dressage and horse training. Finally I am reading Leader of the Pack for my puppy class. Obviously I have too many books on the go at once.

kristi said...

yes, I will let it count as I know you read each issue about a thousand timses:)

Wow! Lots of good info! Electric is one thing that would be hard to give up. You would enjoy the large Amish area up this way in Wayne of my favorite places to visit!

Have you ever listened to books on tape? I have a few friends who just love "reading" that way.
I checked out your column the other day....keep up the good work;)

I tend to do the same thing....go from one book to another even if one is not complete. Guess it depends on my train of thought for the day which tends to be too much!