Saturday, June 12, 2010

Planting Away!!!

School was official over for me on Thursday........yippee!!!! However, I am a far cry from kicking back and relaxing. The abundance of rain has put the garden behind quite a bit. Most of my stuff is in but not everything, but I did get all of my flowers planted and potted.

The most important reason to get all of this done is so my cats can enjoy the screened-in-porch while I continue my slave labor outside. I purchased this water-fountain/bubbler/therapy ball for $10.00 It does not make any noise, just a nice flow of water to "relax" a person. HOWEVER, it does also serve as a cat water bowl, not that I am pointing any fingers at Casper who just so happens to be sitting there!

Every year I make a tomato planter for the deck.....just in case I am too lazy to walk to the garden for a tomato:)

This little grouping is on the screened-in-porch also. The citronella plant to hopefully help with mosquitoes and a nice rosemary plant.

I added this little sign that says "Hope Gives Wings to Our Dreams" to this tool box planter of flowers.

My millet plant is coming along quite nicely even after it was "nibbled" on by a goat predator.

On Friday, Dixie and I were running some errands and my hay man said that the one nursery was marking down all of the vegetable flats SO of course, I had to stop and got 6 sweet potato plants, a birdhouse gourd and swan gourd plant, 2 scented herbs, and a mini pumpkin and a Jack-o-Lantern plant. All of those were only a dollar a piece. Alvin said he would volunteer to help me plant:)

Today's humidity was just unbearable and the animals were really having a rough time with it. Averill, my yearling black gully, found standing in front of the fan worked best for her; though the goats I don't think found that funny.
This is an escapee who flew the coop this morning and was NOT going back in. She thought she was funny like that. I hear the thunderstorms rolling in AGAIN so I should get off of the laptop. Hope all is well with those of you who stop by to read:)


Kara said...

Your raised beds and garden fence look great. Very impressive. Congrats being done with school.

jen said...

Now that you are done with school it's time for your summer job-babysitting! The kids are ready to be put to work!

Nancy K. said...

I may try a tomato in a pot on the patio myself this year! Do yours actually bear fruit?

You have everything fixed up so nice at your place. I envy you the neatness and orderliness. I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now...

Tammy said...

You have quite the touch on decorating your outdoor areas. Very artistic! I'm still planting stuff here, have given up on a few things. I also keep buying things to plant, so I never really get ahead... ha Humidity is horrible here too. Lucky goats (and fan hog sheep)--my sheepies are having to rough it out under the shade trees.

kristi said...

I may complain but I do love fussing around the garden!

Aunt Kristi has personalized paint brushes for Gracie and Bobby...I am going for the Tom Sawyer theme this do know who he is, right? LOL

Try Lowes/Home Depot for patio tomatoes, they are perfect for the decks! My neatnes & orderliness is only outside right now, my kitchen table and back bedroom are a tragedy...seriously:) I completely understand the overwhelmness!

I tend to create more work for myself also because I have nothing better to do with my time LOL I do enjoy all the little things around the yard. I bought the guys the fan last year...$70 at TSC!!!! I sure do love them:)

Donna said...

Your place looks like a little slice of Heaven....