Sunday, June 6, 2010

On Baby Birds & Yarn

For some reason my yard has become a nursery for all baby birds. There are now 3 barn swallow nests occupied in the barn and on Friday morning, Ma & Pa Blue Jay decided to start flying lessons with their 3 youngins'. Of course, Dixie was right on it followed by Squirt.

Now of course, I have nothing better to do at 6:30 in the morning on a workday than monitor my dogs chasing baby birds in the yard while being dive-bombed by ticked off Blue Jays . These little Blue Jays were just hopping their little selves all over the place particularly in the buck and ram pen.

Can you just see the little attitude in this guy's eye? Little stinker just insisted that he was going to take on the world once he let go of my finger..............

.............wonder how that conversation was going on between him and Jed on the grain sharing?
During Memorial Day weekend I went to the Great Lakes Fiber and Wool Show. I took a bag of my best brown/moorit fleeces to be done into roving and 3 bags of my Cotswold wool that I picked/cleaned up. I was not sure what I wanted to do with it. I still have all the roving that I had processed last year into roving and felt and I was contemplating doing yarn. So after talking to Ohio Valley Natural Fiber, I decided to go off the deep end and have it done into yarn. It won't be done till Jan. or Feb. which is fine because this is going to be quite expensive as I took 25 lbs to yield about 15 lbs of yarn. Yes!!!! I will have lots of yarn to sell and knit. And seeing as I do not know how to knit, guess what kind of classes I will be taking this summer?:)
Me and my ideas.............when will I ever learn?

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