Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me at M.V.

After a 7 hour drive from my home, I have safely arrived at Mount Vernon for the week. It was a tad 100 degrees upon my arrival but my excitement over saw this insane heat and humidity.

This is the main entrance onto the grounds of Mount Vernon. More of what is behind the gates as the week progresses. I am staying in the residence area behind another set of gates. It is quite nice to say the least.

This is the area in which I am staying. There are 25 teachers here from all over the U.S. We each have our own rooms and then there is a common area where the kitchen is.

This is my room for the week. Yep, I am really liking this set up. And the bed is a comfy as it looks. I need to find out where I can buy the comforter:)

The decor is very "Colonial America" and tastefully decorated. Oh, and I want these shutters for my windows at home.......very nice!! Each room has its own bathroom also with all these nice personal touches. I am actually going to have my own bed for a week and not have to push around cats and dogs for a space.......what shall I do???

This evening the group took a moonlight trolley ride around Washington D.C. So, tomorrow morning I am going to be up early to stroll through the gardens and find the animal stables and paddocks. I have a 8:45 class to attend so I shall be busy including dinner at the Mount Vernon Inn in the evening.......busy, busy, busy but I love it!!!


jen said...

Very nice! Hope you have a great time, and don't worry everyone looked safe and sound at your place this morning!

Teri said...

It looks wonderful! Have a fabulous time!

Kathy in KY said...

Kristi - I love the looks of your room - all of that older furniture, and what a comfy looking bed - love the wallpaper and curtains that match too. I hope you have a wonderful time, and don't worry too much about your critters while your gone. Have a safe trip home. Take care, from KY.