Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A House with a View

Monday morning I was up and dressed by 6:30 am at Mount Vernon. I thought this would be a perfect time to go do a bit of sight-seeing and take pictures of the grounds. I was not sure if I was allowed to be out and about at this time so I located one of the security guys on the grounds, showed him my identification badge for the institute, and he said I was free to stroll around.

To say I was in history heaven is a bit of an understatement. Just to think I was walking the same grounds that George Washington did in 1799 was/is too exciting for me. There was no one around. It was completely quiet. Just the sound of the sprinklers in the upper gardens and 2 of the historical gardeners who greeted me as I strolled through the gardens. I have been to Mount Vernon three times with my students and each time is jammed with tour buses of school kids all waiting an hour to get to the mansion. This time, I had it all to myself:)

This is how Mount Vernon looked at 6:45 am from the south drive as I approached.

Since the sun was pretty bright, I walked to the North drive to take this picture. The mansion is truly a beautiful site to behold.

The piazza faces East and was already full bathed in the morning sun.

I was so excited to finally get a picture of the porch chairs without a hundred students sitting there!! Of course, I wanted a picture of just me sitting there but since I was the only one there.........

...........so I decided to come that evening to get the sun setting over the Potomac River....

and I took along a fellow teacher to my picture in one of those chairs!!! I could sit there all day just taking in all of this history.

I am thinking that George Washington, truly the greatest of the Founding Fathers, picked one of the most beautiful places to live.
Have I mentioned what a wonderful time I am having here at Mount Vernon?


Kathy in KY said...

Wonderful photos, Miss Kristi. I'm glad you're having a good time. I like the porch chairs the best, and am glad you got to rest in one of them. Thanks for sharing, for me, who will probably never make it to Mt Vernon. Such rich history! Take care, from KY.

kristi said...

thank you for stopping by! The porch is just a wonderful site to behold! The history in this area is just amazing. Yesterday we did the farm tour.....lots of fun for me too:)

jen said...

Great pictures! It's looks like you are right in your element!

Dave Lewis said...

I am so jealous!! Loved the pictures of the porch. Have you visited the Hog Island Sheep yet?
Dave L.

kristi said...

Don't forget your sheep sitting on Friday night....its my birthday present to you:)

I found the Hog Island sheep on Monday morning plus some of the Longwools! I needed a sheep fix! I am hoping to get them posted in the next day or so. Tonight we went on a "ghost" hunt:)

Juliann said...

Kristi, THANK YOU! Your photos are incredible!

Someday, I'd love to take a historic vacation (or series of vacations) and see some of the awe inspring history of the east. I simply cannot get enough of this stuff! What a beautiful view of the Potomac. Nice seeing sheep photos, too. :)

Someday, someday.