Monday, May 3, 2010

So Many Battles.......sigh.

Seriously, there is just way too much to do. There is one too many battles out in that yard. One day the grass is cut.....the next day those dead headed dandelions are standing proud just challenging me to try mowing them down for the third time so I do because they drive me insane. One day I start pulling weeds in one location, get side-tracked to another location and by the time I get back its like I never even pulled a weed out. The sheep want this, the goats want that, the horses want more fresh grass, the cats want in, the cats want out, the dogs want to go for more walks.............I just want a little more time, maybe even a little nap. I know good luck with that. Balancing my time is quite the obstacle at this time of the year.

When I stop at the store, I try to pick up a few flowers and plants instead of buying a huge amount at one time. I got a rosemary plant, bee balm, and a few flowers the other day. Of course, the next objective would to plant them right away, but that usually does not go according to plan. What does go according to plan however, is the harder I work outside, the more I notice who does not.

Moo Cat is the biggest slacker. Always taking the opportunity to find a sunny location for a nap. I am thinking I will let him have that napping place all to himself.

This is another Moo Cat napping place on the screened-in-porch. He is truly a pathetic cat. Shame on him for all those naps he takes:)

And about those chickens and their bathing places...........I need to sit down with the chicks and talk to them about bathing in public.

Okay, enough whining and complaining on my part. I need to send in the t-shirt list for next weeks Washington D.C. trip. The room list is done. I am NOT changing it again. That's another thing, getting ready for next weeks trip.....................sigh.


Deb said...

Moo cat is one happy fella :) Imagine being able to just stop and nap whenever you felt like - such a life :)

Your a busy gal for sure. Always too much to do and never enough time. Someone or something always wants.... I know how that is.

I hope your trip goes are a brave soul :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yeah, there is nothing like tripping over all the sleeping cats ALL day as you are working your butt off... And don't even get me started about the chickens!

Teri said...

Hang in there! I completely understand. "Overwhelmed" is an understatement of how I feel this time of year. It will all get done though - on your schedule, and it will all be just fine.
Don't know what made me laugh harder - the pic of the cat (we have 6 lazies ourselves), or his name! Moo cat - what a hoot! LOL Thanks for the chuckle!!

Christine said...

I could have written that first paragraph myself, word for word. I hear ya. It's a crazy time of year. So much to do.

Tammy said...

Oh wow Kristi, I'm in the same boat. For about six weeks in the Spring I am ready to hang it all up and run away. The sheep need to be on grass, the garden needs plantin', all the new plants need to go in the ground, the fleeces need to be skirted and worked up so I can take them in a few weeks to a fiber fair..and on and on ..(not to mention the stupid mowing). And the cats and dogs...all they do is mope (cause they aren't the center of attention) or sleep or demand more toys, cause they are bored. And the sheep, they scream and squall, because the grass isnt' greener where they are at.... Deep breath... ;-) You aren't alone...

kristi said...

This is my 4th DC trip, usually we go every other year which is plenty! It will be nice to get away for a few days but I will worry the whole time!

CrazySheepLady aka Keebler's Mom,
yes, I do believe I want to come back as a cat to nap all day!

MooCat is definitely his own spirit...glad his antics made you smile:)

thanks for sharing in the stress overload!

we really should meet one day to talk about this single farm living stuff.....are we crazy or what??

jen said...

Moo cat looks so sweet and innocent in these pictures. Hmmm-interesting:)