Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So this is Ripton

So as of 10:30 this evening, Shearing Day 2010 is still a go for tomorrow. I had to "get sick" for tomorrow. I was suppose to be "sick" last Friday but the weatherman messed up those plans. Tomorrow is looking perfect....a few cloulds and 65 degrees. Barn is ready. It took me one too many wheel barrel loads of manure to be able to close the 3 stalls gates when I play sheep round-up tomorrow morning. I picked up needles and 2 bottles of CDT at the vet today, got wool bags, and meds. just in case a nick occurs. Oh, index cards/sharpie to label the wool bag with the wool owner's name because last year I did not do that and I had "issues" with myself for not doing it.

I wanted to take a few pictures of some of the sheep before shearing.

This is Harvest Thyme Ripton. He is out of Sheltering Pines Spirit and Harvest Thyme Jammer (Jammer is out of Jed. my full polled ram and Jammer has large scurs making Ripton a half polled, right?). He has really, in my opinion, blossomed into a very nice yearling ram.
He is nice and square in the rear and though I am not a tail expert, I do think its quite nice, maybe a tad long, but nice fluke shape with a hair tip.

This is a fleece shot from mid-rib area. I do like the look and feel of his fleece. Jed has definitely added that soft wool and crimp factor to his off-spring.
Even though I would like to strive for full polled rams, well actually full polled yuglet flecket to be exact (I can dream;), I am going to use Ripton next breeding season. He has those beautiful spots that Stephen at Sheltering Pines is famous for and I need to bring back some size into my flock. Anyways, that's what I am planning for this Fall. I am glad I waited to see how the 2 ram lambs I wintered over turned out. I will have pictures of Harvest Thyme Rutland soon. Off to bed as tomorrow is going to be a long day............


Deb said...

Have a great shearing day.....all that beautiful fiber at the end to enjoy :)

Ripton is a great looking ram. He should produce gorgeous babies for you.

Tammy said...

Thinking of you and hoping that it all goes smoothly. It's hard to understand just how big a job Shearing Day is until you've been there! How many did you have sheared. (Oh and definately label those bags...I've lost a couple of tags over the yeas, and while I THINK I should know everybody's fleece, it can be humilating faced with that nameless bag of wool....) Anyway--have fun! :-)

Juliann said...

Ripton is a very handsome boy, nice rear end on him! He might be fully horned vs. a half poll, though. Jammer had a 50% chance of passing down a horn gene.
I'll bet he's gonna make some loud, flashy lambs for you next year, always something to look forward to! Spots rock! :D

kristi said...

thanks for stopping by! I am hoping for some cuties next spring! It sounds so far aways but I know it will come by fast!

33 got sheared.....good grief! Lots of work yesterday! Hopefully tonight I will get some pictures up!

I was wondering if he would be classified as a fully horned guy. He has such a nice temperment unlike the 2 full horned rams I have had in the past. His fleece is so much nicer than his mom's so I am hoping that Jed's genes are working its way into the flock to improve spotted fleeces for me;)

Juliann said...

Hi Kristi,

He looks fully horned to me, but there's always a chance he could be aberrant. He's also young yet, sometimes they go through a personality change when they get around the 2 year old mark. Then again, I've had even horned rams stay sweet into maturity. They are a smart breed, each with his own personality.
Good luck getting softer fleeces into your spotties, we'll get there someday. ;)