Friday, April 23, 2010

Shearing Awards 2010

This past Wednesday was shearing day at Harvest Thyme. If there is one job out there that is truly labor intensive it is the job of shearing sheep. My parents stopped over that day to watch for a bit and they were quite impressed watching the shearer doing his job.

I remember the first time I ever had my sheep sheared. I was quite sure the shearer was being too rough with my sheep, after all they were/are my children. I was quite sure the sheep were going to be traumatized, after all they were/are my children. I kept wanting to "help" the shearer out but he kept telling me "NO", it was between him and the sheep. George, my shearer, has now been shearing my sheep for the last 5 years. I am "much better" about George shearing my sheep, though, in all honesty, I still have a habit of pointing out which ones are my favorite sheep and too be "nice" to this one or that one. George just nods and keeps shearing and then he tells me which ones he likes and which ones I should "reconsider". And then I nod back too:)

So in honor of Shearing Day 2010 I would like to pass out some awards to a few my sheep.

Nicest Ram to Shear and Best Fleece Improver for my Flock Award:
"Lil' Country Acres Jedidiah Smith"
I actually was considering selling Jed. this Fall but I am going to hang on to him for at least another year as I am "thinking";)

Littlest Sheep Sheared and Smallest Fleece Award:
"Little Tyke"
(Little Tyke comes in pushing around 28 lbs as a yearling wether and George said he was the
littlest sheep he has ever sheared:)

Best Yearling Fleece Award:
"Harvest Thyme Addison"

This is Addison's fleece!! I am in love with it! She is a Black Cotswold x Shetland. Jedidiah is her sire. The picture only tells part of the story as it is so soft too the touch also!

Cutest Sheep Sheared Award:
"Harvest Thyme Averill"
I just love the look of black gullies when they are sheared! She is so soft and her fleece was also wonderful.......a Jed daughter also;)

Most Uncooperative Sheep to be Sheared Award:
"Harvest Thyme Harriet Bee"
I can't even put into words what a total fiasco she was too shear. She was just a total "B".
And of course she always has the most beautiful lambs including the twin gullie ewes from last

Heaviest Fleece Award:
"Ethan Allan", a Black Cotswold Wether

Above is Ethan's fleece that came in just under 13 lbs! It is truly beautiful in my opinion! The shearer and I both agreed, however, that I am going to shear the Cotswolds this Fall in early October or the last week of September. I have never sheared twice a year so I will be interested to see the difference in the fleece.
And last but not least.................................

The Most Unique Sheep Sheared Award:
"Harvest Thyme Fletcher"
Are those spots just too cool or what??? George and I just just cracked up when Fletcher's fleece came off. Fletcher is truly a "spotted sheep"...........of course, because he is a wether!!
I could give each of the 34 sheep sheared an award but these were the highlights. I know, 34 sheep........yes the numbers need to come down before winter. I am working on it.
Sale page updates coming soon.
So what awards would you hand out to your sheep?


Michelle said...

Jed is a VERY nice ram; I think you are wise to reconsider.

Do all black Cotswolds lighten that much? That Addison fleece sure looks yummy!

kristi said...

even though Ethan is labeled as a Black Cotswold, some would label him as "silver". His twin brother has a definite black fleece. I had considerd selling Jed. because I am getting too related so if I keep Jed. I need to move some ewes out to bring in a few new ones. Too many ideas in my head.....

tera said...

I have no sheep. I sure do like yours though! I love Ethan's face. :)

Michelle said...

I would love to be able to consider Jed for my own flock, but with the distance and the abundance of rams here, it doesn't seem feasible. Wish I had something to trade you!

Christine said...

I just want to sink my hands into Addison's fleece, gorgeous!

I'd tell my awards for my sheep but they're not exactly appropriate for a family friendly blog. LOL

Tammy said...

Wow..34 sheep. That had to be a very full day for you, the sheep and the shearer! I think having 21 done is a major chore. Looks like you got some gorgeous fleeces and some mighty pretty sheep under all that wool. My shearer nicks some of mine, but mostly it is the wigglies that get it, so I try and stay out of it. There always seems to be one though that just acts out terribly.

kristi said...

I am glad you stopped by to enjoy the pictures....Ethan is pathetically the most loveable boy who loves to be hugged:)

Oh, I have a few of those also! They bring out the bad lang. part of me!

Yes, that is too many do you want? LOL Shearing was almost a five hour job! I hope you are missing all of that weather!

jen said...

Hmm, what are planning to do with all that fleece?
Maybe we could combine it with all the newf hair around my house and make something:)

Christy said...

What a busy day. Just getting my 2 done was as chore.

Teri said...

So glad to see how they turned out. I've been wondering how the crew made out last week. A question for you - just how much does a sheep shearer charge? Is it per sheep?

kristi said...

My goal is too bring out your inner creative self. I think if Mom & I put the pressure on, the 2 of us will get you to crack;) A Newf/Shetland wool scarf? Mittens to match? The possibilites are endless!

I was sad to hear your sheep are leaving. Perhaps in the future a few friendly lambs will come your way. My sheep and goats actually get along quite well.

Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is beautiful! My shearer charges $3.50 per sheep. He lets me give them their yearly shots when he is done shearing each one. I have no idea what others charge. It is ridicously back breaking work. I usually give him a nice size tip also as I appreciate his work;)

Michelle said...

For comparison's sake, out here my shearer charges $6/head plus a trip fee of $20 or $25, unless I tack it onto a scheduled trip which I usually do (he's also our farrier). And I've heard that's reasonable for around here!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Those are some gorgeous fleeces! :-D