Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They Think They are Funny Like That

So, I have discovered that my chickens have a sense of humor. Honestly, I did not even know chickens liked mud until this year as I have watched them go exploring all over the yard on the muddy paths. Just goes to show how far a college education goes in the world today. The chickens have been given "free"range as the snow has started to melt. I figured they had been "cooped" up all winter so I'd give them a little freedom to roam about.
This egg was found today in the big barn where all the sheep, goats, & 2 miniature horses reside. It is NOT their chicken coop. Not only is it NOT their chicken coop, its right at the gate entrance......I am thinking a high traffic area??? I also discovered 2 eggs in the ram and buck barn...... in the corner, in a little "nest", and actually, unbroken. Lucky them!

Yesterday I found 2 of the Dominques checking out the big barn. Daisy was quite interested in the new visitors......perhaps trying to see if they could open the gate latch for her?????
Today was the first official "dozen egg day" for 2010.........of course I had to find those 12 eggs among 2 barns and their coop. Perhaps they are gearing up for a big Easter Day egg hunt?

The baby LaManchas are becoming quite the characters. The other night I sat down to chat with them except they were more interested in my legs and boots as jumping platforms.
So other than my chicks with humor, life at Harvest Thyme is all about mucking in the mud......but I sure am loving the temps in the upper 50's........perhaps even 60 on Thursday:)


Foothills Poultry said...

Enjoy the daily easter egg hunt.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Don't even get me started on stupid chickens! ;-)

Tammy said...

They do like to play the egg hunt game! Glad to see you are still kicking, even if it is in the mud. We went straight from winter to tornado season, and I'm not very amused...although I do love the warmer temps!
Tammy (p.s. Lambs due anytime now!)