Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Pink and Brats

Everything was going smoothly this morning. I was being very productive. Got the clothes washing started, swept & washed all the floors, washed dishes (no, I do not have dishwasher:), got some Easter decorations out, cleaned off the front porch & washed the front windows, put some boutiques of spring flowers out on the porch, and then decided to grab lunch. So while I was eating lunch I started flipping through the TV channels to see what gardening shows were on. And then there it was, one of my top 10 all time favorite movies, a movie I have probably seen at least a bazillion times, and I had only missed the first 5 minutes of the movie. Yes, with my head held in shame, I admit, I love the movie, Pretty in Pink. Hey, I am a productive of the 80's. 1986 was the year I graduated from high school. What can I say? So lunch break was a bit longer than I had planned, but I did make a list of seeds to order from Baker's. I was being productive.

But after the movie, I too, felt Pretty in Pink and I was armed and ready for barn chores.
And speaking of Brat Pack movies, I too even have some Brat Packs on the farm.

There is the chicken brat pack.........................

..........the number brat packer on the farm, Miss Speedy, aka Queen Bee of the barn.

And then there is the boys Brat Pack........okay actually, they are not brats. They just think they are all that but really they are a bunch of softees especially TJ and Jed.
Just a close up of my boys and and who will be the 2 sires for this Fall's breeding. I know its only Spring but since I bred no sheep this year, I have made a few decisions already for next Fall. The decisions have been hard but I think I am doing the right thing. I will be discussing these decisions in the months to come. But aren't these guys just too handsome?

Nistock Farms Essex is not part of the Brat Pack, she is just a rare breed sweetie and I am still tickled to finally have a white Cotswold. Her and I have come along way this winter and I have finally gained her trust and she has formed some good friendship bonds with the other yearling ewes. She was extremely shy and reserved when she came to live here and it was a long haul to get her trust.
It was good to be outside this afternoon in the sun as tomorrow its suppose to, something different. But on a positive note, I only have to go to school 4 days this week and then Springbreak starts:)


Michelle said...

Can't wait to hear about your breeding plans! I just love Jed....

Deb said...

I think your pink farm tools are cute :) Much more mood enlightening than standard black. I liked the movie as well.
Your "brat packs" are great. Your boys will make great sires for next fall. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Spring break cannot come soon enough around here either!

Anonymous said...

I love the boys brat pack photo- quite a menagerie there!