Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Little Spring in that Stuff

Well, the week leading up to the official first day of spring was quite nice. Temps in the upper 60's, even a 70 degree day! It was quite nice to start appreciating the yard and garden yard again and to see the potential it will have in the upcoming months. This winter had been such a downer for me and it was good to have my spirits lifting again. This morning after doing chores Dixie and I ran some to the vet to pick up some needles and order 2 bottles of CDT, then to the post office, then to pick up hay and an alfalfa bale (for Patty and her babies), and then the tack shop for a new halter for Johnny my POA, a bag of Peppermint treats, & a new plastic rake basket head because "someone" in the barn broke the other one when that "someone" had a temper tantrum at some of the animals ( no one has hurt during that tantrum, just a lot of bad language and a broke rake head:).

It was a tad breezy today but the sun was out so I started cleaning up and reorganizing stuff in the garden barn. I decided in honor of the first day of spring to put out some spring decorations.

In the window greenhouse I put together a little spring scene................

..........however, some passersby, were thinking those eggs were meant for them.

My old green Muck boots sprung a serious leak this winter so I was "forced" to buy new ones. Now because I just love pink gardening accessories, these new pink Muck boots for spring and summer were the perfect fit:) Notice the nosey chicken in the back ground!

Since the weather has been so nice the past few days, I have been letting Patty and her babies out to run and enjoy the sun. On Thursday the babies got dehorned at the vet and were given a clean bill of health by the vet.! Pictured above is the doe kid. Her name is going to be "Arabella".

This is not the best framed photo but I just loved the little buck loving on Patty.
I am so glad spring is here. I know the weather can still deal on wild cards but its just nice to know new life is just around the corner.


Kara said...

Those pink Muck boots are great! Patty and the kids are looking good. Glad spring is bringing up your spirits. A little vitamin D the old fashioned way will do that to you. :)

Nancy K. said...

Your new muck boots are PERFECT! I hope you know: I COVET your glass greenhouse...

I am looking forward to watching your wonderful farm blossom into Spring and Summer!

Tammy said...

I know what you mean about this past winter. Will be glad to see it gone. Had to laugh at the 'broken rake in the barn incident'. There is a big dent in my metal feed bucket that MAY have occurred during a similar tantrum. :-)

kristi said...

Thanks Kara for stopping by! The boots come in purple just in case you need a pair;)

I am glad you like the greenhouse. You just need 6 windows to make ine. I am going to scope out the flea markets for some old windows this summer. Its always good to hear from you!

I think the motto is "what happens in the barn, stays in the bar";)