Monday, March 22, 2010

In Honor of Coke

When it comes to going to the doctor's, I am the worst. I will avoid it at all costs. Its not a question of health care coverage, which I have......its just I do not want to go. Its just an inconvenience. Its not in my schedule. Its annoying. Whatever I have will go away.......eventually. Okay, however, this old age thing is getting old already. Is it like some preprogrammed button that when one turns 40, things start to just "appear"? I am 24, darn keys on the computer, I mean 42, and these "little" signs keep "appearing". Let me go back to the year 2004. Total fiasco of a health year for me. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had to have surgery to remove some nasty scar tissue and then later that year my problemsome tonsils (smart doctors should have taken them out when I had mono in 2nd grade) decided to abscess which put me in the hospital again...FYI...I still have a darn things). However, in the years to follow, other than the occasional poison ivy outbreak and strep throat (Hello Doctors!!), my health has been good.

Going back to that 24, I mean 42, thing. In my quest to prove I am wonderwoman of my hobby farm, I decided to play snow power shoveler this winter. I did a pretty good job ignoring the pulled muscles and the aches and pains but when my hand kept falling asleep at night and I could not get the circulation back for a good 15 minutes and this happened more than a few times, I decided that perhaps I should go to the doctor's (oh, and my Mom's nagging got on my nerves too. Really Mom, I am a big girl now:)

In brief, basic tests were fine, EKG in the office was good, but the doctor said that due to the lapse in a complete blood panel since 2004 and that I am getting older (I think doctors say that so patients come back more), the doctor ordered a full blood panel, a nerve test (I still need to schedule that), and an x-ray on the neck (still need to do that one too....I am getting there Mom!). So, I admit I was a tad nerves about the cholesterol level. I am NOT the best eater, I lack lots of the "balanced, healthy food" stuff. Remember Coke and chocolate chip cookies is the breakfast of champions. Today I had a message to call the medical desk at the doctor's office. CRAP. I called on the way home from school today. After being on hold forever, the nurse got my file. Everything looks very good........except........the......cholestrol. CRAP. The nurse hold me to be prepared for the results.

My cholesterol 200! I had 201!! 200 entering the "need to be concerned" zone. But one point??!! Okay, now if your reading this, don't be a downer and say but one point is one point. I use that crap line on my students LOL. One point means this.......I AM STILL GOING TO DRINK MY COKE! Life is good!!

I told the nurse this and she laughed. She said the doctor's orders are too drink more water, which I know I should, and to recheck the level in 6 months......oh, and to get those other tests done ASAP! To back up my claim that Coke is good to drink, I found these Coke advertisements to prove my point.

Seriously, how can one go wrong with Coke? I teach school, of course I get an occassional headache.

How often is the female hobby farmer despondent and suffering from physical exhaustion? Its a tough job!
So, why would I ever want to give up my Coke????
Its just one point:)


Michelle said...

Hey, that's a whole lot better than MY number, and I DON'T indulge in Coke at all, and watch the cookies! No fair!

The hand thing may go away on its own; mine did. I've heard that carpal tunnel surgery isn't a cure-all, so wasn't prepared to go that route. Used a brace bought at Walmart at night for awhile, which seemed to help.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

My lady has to have those nerve conduction tests done every other year... She says it's like Dr. Frankenstein's torture chamber and she teases the doctor about it. I'm glad you have insurance! My lady doesn't and it's really best to take care of yourself while you have it. It's good to know things even though they may be scarey. Maybe you need to get a doctor like my Doctor Wilson! He's handsome and loves goats so maybe he'd be good with people too! hee hee Many kisses from Isobelle for a healthy update!

Christine said...

I don't like going to the doctor either, but I'm breaking down and making a trip today. My list of things that "ain't right" is getting too long.

I'm not even going to discuss my number. But I now eat oatmeal every day.

Teri said...

lol - Really liked this post! And, I completely understand about how "things" just pop up.... at certain ages. (46 here) It takes a lot of work, physical work, to live in the country & tend to animals, gardens, etc. I just asked dh the other day "Do you think everyone our age wakes up with everything aching?" lol Keep up the great work!