Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Sicky kinda Snow Day

Today is truly a "sick day" for me......nasty, rotten cold, itchy, itchy nose, watery eyes.
I hate colds.
I hate this weather too right now. Saturday I ended up with a good 16 inches of snow plus the beautiful drifts. Yesterday there was another good 3-4 inches but then the winds kicked in at 20 mph plus and there went the nicely plowed driveway. I got down the driveway after school but knew I was not going to get back up it. Called Randy about plowing again, who I knew was busy as he does lots of various jobs and he said how about tomorrow morning which was perfect as then I had another excuse to not go to work. Excuse #1.....the cold. Excuse #2..... I can't get out of my driveway. I talked the subcenter at 8:00 last night.

This is the view from the back of the porch. A big white abyss. I am sick of shoveling and reshoveling paths to the barns. I am thinking that I really need a better plan of attack. Maybe investing in a nice snow blower for next year because shoveling that much snow is ridiculous.
And just to put icing on the cake Forbes magazine rated Cleveland the worst city to live in for winter weather this week. Since I work in Cleveland and live about 28 miles southwest out of Cleveland, I guess its like a claim to fame.

Some of the paths are higher than the lambs from this past spring. Glover must feel like he is walking in a tunnel. He follows me around from barn to barn making sure he is not missing out on any free handouts.

Without the paths, even Dixie would be snowbound to the porch.
So other than this pathetic cold, all this snow, my complaining little self, couch bond beagles, a stack of school papers to grade, gardening mag/catalogs to read and some serious crabby cats that need to get outside and burn some is in the serious winter blahs here.
The worst thing about having a cold is my life line to the day.....just does not taste like a Coke:(
So many issues I have...........

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Sharrie said...

Our Bobcat makes farm life possible. I only shovel in the dog yard, and they almost have an obstacle course out there.