Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lies the Weathermen Told Me

So there was a lot of talk about this Nor' easter this week but the local weathermen and the weather channel said by last night that the area in which I reside in Northeastern Ohio was slated to get 2-4 inches overnight. They had downgraded it from the 6-8 inches they had predicted Friday morning. So yesterday I had taken a "sick" day and ran down to Amish Country with my Dad; got 300 lbs of oats ($14.30 for a 100lbs) and 100 lbs of chicken mash for $13.60; and I picked up some misc. food items and goodies. By 6:00 pm the snow was coming down pretty good and by the time I went to bed there was a good 2 inches already on the ground.

This morning when I got up at 6 and peeked out the front door I was greeted by quite the snow drift and when I turned on the light.....well it was not looking like 2-4. Perhaps a foot or more would be more like it and the drifts were looking pretty intense. I had to shovel my way back to the big barn and the drift at the door had to be shovel before I could even open the door. Of course while I was out there killing myself shoveling, everyone was inside screaming at me because obviously I was not going fast enough. Once everyone was fed and I had enough time to build up a panic attack issue because I knew the driveway was a total fiasco, I called my neighbor who is also the guy I get my straw from, and pleaed for him to help a poor single farm girl:)
Around 11:30 Randy came down the driveway with the BIG Ford Farm Tractor and saved my life from more shoveling and anxiety issues.

My driveway is the root of all my anxiety when the big snow storms hit. It is a good 750 from the street back to my house and Nor' easters create the most havoc as the drifts can reach an easy 2 feet or more in places.

Yep, sure looks like a lot more than 2-4 inches, perhaps a good foot or more is more like it. Way to go weathermen!!!!

There are some pretty interesting drifts around the barn and then there are places were the ground is still showing by the sides of the barns. Sheep always seem to take it in stride..........

........the goats will stay inside so their danity hooves will not get covered in the white stuff.
As for me, seems like a good idea to read all those garden and seed catalogs I have gotten, get the fireplace going, and eat. I am boycotting the weather channel right now, well at least for a few hours:)


Donna said...

Holy mackeral! And people think we have it bad in New Hampshire! I don't think that we have had a total of 30 inches all far!
I have to you feed the oats to your sheep? I'm always curious about who feeds what! We feed alot of flaked corn when it gets colder and didn't know about feeding oats....are they the steamed crimped oats like horses eat? Do you mix it with other grain? Just curious.....
Stay warm!

kristi said...

I live in a secondary snow belt so depending on the way a storm comes off of Lake Erie (I am about 30 miles due south of the Lake) or if it comes in like a Nor'easter, I can get pretty slammed. I mix the rolled oats in with an all-purpose sweet feed. I feed my sheep, goats, and miniature horses all together and this mix works best for all of them and makes it easier for me:) Thanks for stopping by Donna!

Kim said...

You know, they don't call them weatherguessers for nothin'! I am in the 26" area, with higher drifts, but at least this time there was a plow that made an attempt at plowing our road. Attempt. It is still a long way to a proper road for me too, so you have my sympathy. I am declining to venture in to work today, and plan to dig out my car and take alot of photos in the woods behind my house. Stay warm!

Christine said...

Wow, I'd say they were a little off! I burst out laughing when I read about them screaming at you. I can so relate.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

yep....those weather guys blew it big time on this one. we are getting killed again!