Sunday, February 21, 2010

"I Say Try."

One of the things I like to do in my "spare time" is reconnect with my love of American history. Teaching American history to 8th graders is great and I love it but sometimes I just need to reconnect with history at a more "intellectual" level. Throughout the year I take a few seminars for history teachers and if I am lucky I get to participate in a week long seminar. The seminars are at Ashland University, a prestigious college, about 40 minutes south of where I live. This Saturday I took a seminar on Abraham Lincoln. The seminars are taught by affluent scholars/writers of American History. David McCullough was one of most exciting authors I saw:)

The speaker this past Saturday had many interesting side notes on Lincoln that were inspiring and rewarding to hear. One of my favorite quotes from Lincoln that I often use in class is:
"I say "try". If we never try, we shall never succeed."

The past few weeks have been quite a struggle with the weather, a few animal complications, a lot of thinking and deciding on the direction I want to take with the animals and the garden, and I guess just life "stuff". My motivation has been quite low the past month and usually I am pretty motivated. Taking the class was good for me and seeing the sun helped too.

Trying has actually been one of things I have been putting off lately......always finding an excuse to do something else or saying I will do something later or another day. The other morning was just beautiful and Dixie and I took advantage in enjoying the country landscape. The hardest trying time is going to be when all of this snow melts and becomes one big muddy mess.
March rolls in next week and it is historically the longest month for me on a personal and school level. But I promise not to complain and in order to prevail:
"I say try."

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