Friday, February 12, 2010

A Good Garden Read

When I decided to dive into gardening a few years ago, I was inspired by the colonial style gardens. Having visited Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, and Monticello, and as a lover and teacher of American history, I knew I wanted my gardens have some type of American history flavor in them. I have a collection of magazines and little folders to house my many ideas and inspirations.

I found this catalog "somewhere" in my many searches on the Internet. I actually forgot I ordered until I received it in the mail today. If you love a little historical flavor in the garden, this is a wonderful catalog! The vintage advertisements and articles are just neat to read and look at. There are many varieties of seeds to pick from also.

Just thought I'd share with you. Its really a good read;)

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Christine said...

Cool! I have an antique seed catalog that I just love to look at. The illustrations are so beautiful. They sure don't do things up like that anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day, Kristi!