Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun Tag

Since there is not much to discuss, I thought Claire's idea from Whispering Acres was fun while I watched some of the Olympics and avoided grading school papers. Thanks Claire:)
"Your Cell Phone? LG

Your Hair? ponytail

Your Mother? friend

Your Father? worries

Your Favorite Food? chips

Your Dream Last Night? vampires

Your Favorite Drink? Coke

Your Dream/Goal? spin

What Room Are You In? living room

Your Hobby? farming

Your Fear? flying

Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? happier

Where Were You Last Night? home

Something That You Aren't? quiet

Muffins? chocolatechip

Wish List Item? mudroom

Where Did You Grow Up? ohio

Last Thing You Did? swore

What Are You Wearing? hoodie

Your TV? on

Your Pets? spoiled

Friends? select

Your Life? pleasant

Your Mood? irritated

Missing Someone? grandma

Vehicle? minivan

Something You Aren't Wearing? makeup

Your Favorite Store? TSC

Your Favorite Color? blue

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? school

Last Time You Cried? December

Your Best Friend? sister

One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Petsmart

Facebook? nope

Twitter? stupid

Favorite Place To Eat? mom's
Tag to anyone that stops by to read my "so exciting" life:) I would love to stop by anyone's blog who reads my to see your one word responses............one word is so hard to do because I tend to talk too much!!!!!


Claire said...

Glad to help out with some blog material for you! I liked your answers and I laughed at TSC for your favorite store because I nearly put that too. I'm not sure when "living room" qualifies as a one-word answer, but hey, some rules are meant to be broken!

Tracey said...

Hey Kristi,
Ill do it....looks fun and I am at a loss for post ideas lately!! LOL on what you said about my refrigerator needing more junk on it.