Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do U Spell Motivation?

Today has to go down as one of the ugliest days. Yuck. There was thick, damp, drizzly, cold, disgusting fog all day.

Not to mention all the slushie,ice covered snow that was so pleasant and safe to walk on. There was a breech in the ice that was creating an obstacle for the lambs, it was quite comical watching them make decisions on how they were going to cross it. Miss Averill was most likely thinking I should pick her up and carry her delicate little self over the breech.

Now of course there are many projects I could/should be working on. Like all this roving and foam I bought to make some wool felted hats......

.......or perhaps the red fleece I bought to make the dogs a blanket or the blue demin for new curtains (yes I bought this material at JoAnn Fabrics the day after Thanksgiving). My motivation today and the last few weeks is somewhere, I just don't know where.

Oh, there's my motivation, right next to ReRun on the couch.
Now if I could only find some space on the couch next to him.......maybe if I make that blanket for him then he will move;)

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