Saturday, January 9, 2010

Glover's Snow Update

Hi, my name is Glover!
I don't think we have been formally introduced and since my "Mom" is having stress and anxiety issues this week with the weather, I thought I would help her out with her blog.

First I would like you to notice this fine red fleece coat I am sporting! Well, its really not mine but Dixie, that annoying Cardigan that chases us lambs all over the place, let me borrow it because I started rooing all my fleece. Mom had a freak fit and worried about me getting a chill cuz the temps are "below" normal according to her. I am not quite sure what below normal is for winter but I have heard talk in the barn that this is sheep weather but those goats are saying that it is B.S. weather. Not sure what that means as I am a youngin' still but Mom told me to cover my ears when the goats start talking like that.

These are my buddies.....the Lamb Gang! Mom lets us out cuz she really likes us but she said come spring when things start growing really green and pretty this freedom is going to have to stop. I think I can win her over on this issue cuz she says I am one of her favorites:)

Some of the farm animals don't need coats like Speedy the miniature horse. She is a grain hog Mom says.......sometimes she even calls her a real fat A*#..........opps, I was suppose to cover my ears!

These guys are really pathetic! Mom even shoveled a nice path in front of their house but they won't even come out for a little bit. Mom is really mad at them cuz they shut down egg production and she had to buy free-range eggs at the grocery store. Talk on the farm is that they might become meat birds if they don't kick the egg production into gear. Us animals know that is probably just stress talk from Mom cuz we all know she is really a softy.
So life on the farm has been crazy this week but all animals are doing well in the weather!

Don't you think the red coat looks much better with the snow lips?
Opps, I think I hear Mom calling me to help her fill grain buckets for dinner..........

so that will have to be all for now! Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm!
Love, Glover


Shula said...

What a great post! I laughed out loud over the Speedy comment. And I have to say what a lovely looking chicken coop.

Barb said...

Great Post. My goats, when I still had their souls...loved to wear garments. Silly goats. My chickens won't come out of the hen house either. I have been giving them frozen apples from our apple tree to keep them busy and to keep them from eating their eggs!(Bored, I would guess.) Although, we are still getting between 6 and 12 each day from 13 hens. Hope the stress level goes down soon. We are suppose to be in the 20's next week here in Wisconsin....where did I put my shorts? :0)

Heather said...

It was a great pleasure to meat Glover!

Christine said...

I'm head over heals in love with Glover and his little red coat! That first photo cracks me up! He looks like he's wearing a fleece jacket from LL Bean or something. LOL

Christy said...

Love the coat! I think my goats really want one.

Tammy said...

Hang in there Kristi! With such a good spokesheep as Glover things are bound to look up. This has been a horrible patch of weather and I hope that we all get a little relief this next week.
Tammy (love the coat!)