Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hams on the Farm

Have you ever noticed that some of the animals on the farm just seem to be natural hams? That some how they have their own sense of humor? Take Miss Averill for instance.

For some reason she thinks she is like a born star......always wanting to get her picture taken, posing as if she is a natural in front of the camera, striking the pose as if to show off her best features like those very distinct gully trademark eye drops, a true ham.

Oh and then of course there is Glover who seems to be saying with a smile, "I do say, where is my red coat? I am feeling so naked out here amongst all the other animals!"

And then there is Jed, a very distinguished gully ram who appears to be mocking and challenging my sign.......I worked very hard for that sign many, many years ago........too long of a story:)
And only a small Dominque chicken would be looking for some leftovers by TJ, my Black Cotswold ram who is quite large.......guess she is not really a "chicken."
Farm animals just have that way of providing a laugh just when you need it most.
So who is your ham on the farm?


Deb said...

Great photos - the chicken and ram are my favorite.....that's a big ram!
Otis, our pup, is the ham here. He's into everything, loves to have his picture taken and drives us all nuts but we love him to pieces :)
Enjoy your sunday ~

Juliann said...

Give Jed a smootch for me. :)

Mim said...

And you were so right about the LaMancha goats. In the first two weeks my does were here they got into the ram pen and out in front of the barn! I love your little farm it's just like a post card.

Shula said...

I really do like the guls and don't know why I don't have one lol. My ham would be my horse Muppet, he's such a poser and can make me smile no matter how down I am. What great animals you have :)

Michelle said...

Dozer is our ham in every way. We call him "Dozer the Poser," and he has such cute hammy hindquarters, too!

Michelle said...

Oh, and I should add that Dozer snuffles like a pig, too....

kristi said...

Yes, your Otis is extremely cute and I am thinking Coal is too!

He gets a daily hug from me so I will add kiss for you! He really is one of the nicest boys and such a "softy" in the fleece dept.;)

LOL, I told you they are stinkers! But they have such wonderful personalities and are great milkers!!

just so happens I have another gully ewe lamb.....she is spotted too! She is available for $125...very soft fleece too;) My miniature horse Speedy is quite a ham too!

Yes from your pictures Dozer looks like he could be quite the ham!