Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finally......some white stuff!!!

Five days before Christmas eve and today was the first day in which snow fell from the sky!
I cannot recall a year when there was no measureable snow this close to Christmas.
Its so hard to get into the spirit of the holiday when all there is to look at is brown frozen ground.

My new snowman flag was finally looking festive!

Even the new garden gnome was looking much cuter with some snow on the ground.

"So, Ira do you think Santa is going to stop by this year?" asked Averill, gully ewe lamb. "I have been really good about not eating the pine trees when Mom lets me out."

"Well, all I know is us sheep have been really good so Santa will be good to us, "replied Ira, "but as for those goats, you know they are nosey, bossy creatures and they made a mess out of Mom's red ribbons on her Christmas wreathes so Santa might just leave them coal."

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Favorite Christmas Card

While I was unpacking the one too many Christmas totes of stuff I have, I came across a box of old Christmas cards that I saved. I always save my favorite ones that I receive and I always keep one of the cards that I send out to family and friends.
This is one of my favorite cards that I sent out a few years back. It is a Lang Card. The original painting is by Persis Clayton Weirs and is titled, "Julie & Friends".
There is just something about barnyard friends during the holidays and on a snowy winter day that tugs at the heart and makes me smile.
There must have been something I really liked about the card too............... seems I have a few sheep with the same markings.
Four days left 'till Christmas Break at school starts.........I'm lovin' it:)