Monday, December 7, 2009

Such is Life in December

December already. Three weeks before Christmas. Presents bought.......not much. My sister is done and so is my niece, a few for Mom and brother-in-law. Zip for Dad and zip for the nephew.
Got some good stuff for myself however at Bath & Body........I got their VIP bag because I bought so much stuff the day after Thanksgiving. The Twilight Woods Collection is quite nice btw. This year will be the first time that I can remember that I will have the whole week off before Xmas so I am kinda counting on that to get all the baking, wrapping etc done. I will tell no lie, I love those 2 weeks off at Xmas!!

The self-serve system is much appreciated by the lambs, I think it empowers them, like they are the big guys because they have it all to themselves. My little Glover finally broke the 20 lb marker!!! Yep, at 7 mos he is almost 22 lbs!! Are we sure there is no such thing as a miniature Shetland sheep? Glover actually has some exciting times coming up. He is going to be a star at the school Christmas concert! The first graders will be singing a Christmas song about the little shepherd boy and I will be sitting with Glover as all the little first graders are gathered around us singing. This should be pretty exciting for first graders who live in the inner city:)

On Sunday there was some beautiful sun but very chilly temps....perfect for some sheep sun bathing......oh, for a LaMancha goat named Crazy Daisy too. She gets confused on her identity every now and then.
One of the half polled black ram lambs left this weekend for his new home. It was exciting to have a visitor to the farm! I have been feeling jealous as his new home is on an organic farm with a woman who knits cool socks and has beautiful yarn. He gets to see the Green Mts of Vermont from his new home......he even gets to shop at the TSC in Bennington, VT!!! I am probably going to have to visit him one day just to make sure he is doing okay:)

I have no idea who owns all of these sheep btw...................

So it is December and there has been NO SNOW so far!! Three weeks before Christmas....perhaps a few inches of the white suff would be nice. Afterall, my mechanical reindeer look a tad ridiculous grazing on frozen brown ground.

Sheep Humor during the Holidays

I was looking for some holiday stuff for school and came across some sheepy humor.........
I don't think I will "offend" any readers with this type of holiday humor and if I do....... oh well .