Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just one of those days

Today was just one of those days. So many things to do and not wanting to do any of them.So I got an attitude and did very little:)The "boys" on the farm are being "boys" today and acting pathetic. I told them to get over it as I have made NO decisions on breeding. Jedidiah is the ONLY ONE who might get lucky with 1 or 2. I just want to enjoy the sheep I have right now.
I want to enjoy Essex, my white Cotswold ewe lamb who has not been feeling well and I have been giving her a lot of TLC.

I want to enjoy these 2 ewe lambs grow up.

I just want to sit and appreciate my sheep and learn from them.
And besides that, I am adding a new breed here........just one ewe lamb, hopefully white too:)
Lots of thoughts and ideas on the homestead.

Thank goodness I will have a few months inside to reflect and plan for upcoming changes.
So many things to do.........

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are U Lost Little Lamb?

So I admit I have been babying some of the lambs........partial preference on a rotational basis as not to offend any one lamb........I must be politically correct in my babying as not to discriminate against the parents, fleece type and/or ewe vs. wether, color etc.
Today in my babying routine today, I lost a fawn kat wether (he was spotlighted in the previous post). Of course, calling him was pointless. I looked everywhere thinking I missed seeing him. I was trying to avoid panic mode but I was getting close.
Then inside the garden picket area I saw this................. inquiring "weight challenaged" beagle at the chicken coop door. So I ventured over to see what he was inquiring about.

And there was my little lost lamb...............freeloading with the chickens.
Good grief. He is like a food magnet. I had left the gate partially open into the garden area not even thinking twice that one of the lambs would find their way in, let alone into the chicken coop.

I know he is a little wether, but that is a little chicken coop door too.
Now I know that he knows that there is food in there........I am one up on him now:)