Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Picnic in November?!?!

Yes, today is Saturday, November 14th. Almost a week and a half before Thanksgiving and today it was 70 degrees with blue skies and the sun. A perfect day to be outside. Perfect enough to cook hotdogs outside over a mid-November!!!!!

My parents brought my niece and nephew over today to enjoy this beautiful weather. Everyone helped trimming up my huge willow tree of dead branches of which we used to have our fire. My niece and nephew enjoyed our campfire. The fire was low while they roasted hotdogs of course. I, however, find hotdogs replusive and made a BLT:)

Miss Gracie was busy picking out seeds from this huge gourd so we can dry the seeds out and hopefully plant them next year. She loved getting her fingers all gooey.

Everyone was enjoying the picnic including Dixie and my Mom. Notice the picnic crashers coming up in the back..............

Yep, even some of the lambs didn't want to miss out on the picnic!

Some lambs were even were looking for a free handout.

So, they got treated to the gourd when Miss Gracie was done getting some of the seeds. The little kat ram lamb, well actually a wether now, has button scurs and is just a sweetie. I hated to wether him carries nice polled genes but it had to be done as he did not sell.

Isn't there a saying about being "half out of your gourd"????

All in all it was a beautiful day. Dad and I put up this new gate.....a nice 12 ft. gate. Reason for the new gate one might ask? Well, Christmas is coming early to Harvest Thyme, hopefully it will be this Friday as a matter-of-fact! And in order for the sheep and goats to get their Christmas gift, I had to install this $125.00 gate!!!!
Honestly, the things I do for these animals!!!!
Stay tuned for early Christmas at Harvest Thyme!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just the Day Before Friday the 13th

There is a serious strike going on in the chicken coop. I am willing to be sympathetic to the girls to some point, but ONE EGG every 3-4 days for 2o girls???? REALLY???

Perhaps they missed the memo on Thanksgiving and the big baking season coming up. They have been free-ranging for the last month and this is the gratitude I get. One egg every 3-4 day. Pathetic. I think I am getting played.

The real hero around here this week is Jangles. Jangles is my outdoor cat and is a pretty good "catch". A rat had taken up residence in my garden barn the past few months and I won't put rat killer down due to the cats and I refuse to set one of those huge rat traps (I like my fingers attached to my hands) so I have been hoping one of the cats would get the nasty, disgusting rat. Monday morning when I went to the garden barn to get bird seed, I stepped on something soft. It was dark so I was not really focused on the ground but I was when I stepped on the soft thing. At first I thought it was a small cat then I saw that nasty rat tail. After my intital panic attack, I was quite happy to know "it" was dead. Jangles is known for leaving snakes, mice, moles, and even a bat once on the porch so I am sure with 99.9% accuracy that he got the rat.
He got tuna for breakfast as a treat:)

Other than that excitement, things have relaxed a bit around the homestead. Lots of hungry animals with the cooler weather and sheep are pretty wooly.......though I think the chickens have relaxed just a little too much!

Since tomorrow is Friday the 13th maybe I will try to scare the chickens into giving me some eggs.......well its a thought:)