Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ouch! Hey, that hurts!

Goat are relentless.
They have no shame.
They pick on other farm animals especially sheep.
They love to pluck the wool right off of the sheep as a matter of fact.
Sosa is a Nigerian Dwarf, not even half the size of Ira, a Black Cotswold wether.
She plucks wool off Ira frequently.
I believe Ira's exact words are, "Ouch, hey that hurts!"
Sosa never picks on someone her own size and her targets tend to always be the Cotswolds.
Ira is big enough to plow Sosa down in one hit but he never does.
He just puts up with her crap.......a true gentleman:)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rockin' & Rollin with the Kids

On Wednesday my students participated in a field trip to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland to attend a class on the history of hip-hop culture.

The Rock Hall is located right near Lake Erie and is only about 15 minutes from my school. The day was a tad cold as a pretty strong wind was coming off of the Lake.

This is a nice view of the Mather freight docked next to the Hall.

The entrance gallery is the only area inside where pictures can be taken. In all honesty the Rock Hall is a tad expensive to get in but our students attend for free because we are the "urban" district.
The other issue that I have with the Rock Hall is that each year I go, I am seeing a pattern of how old I am getting. The students always make comments like, "Gosh, that was so long ago.......they are so old now.......I wasn't even born then.....they wore that back in the days??!!!" You know I am a product of the 80's!!!! Run DMC was a big thing then so was Madonna and Michael Jackson!! I was very cool back then and shame on my students for making fun of those times!!!

Okay I am not as old as those Elvis people like my Mom and Dad (LOL) but unfortunately I was raised on that music......I think it was some type of brainwashing that my parents were attempting to do and I still listen to "that" music today.....okay, I will admit it, I do have an Elvis gospel CD that I really love to listen too:)
Biggify both guitars as there is a lot of detail on them!!

Of course, the kids really liked this guitar!! They were really surprised to see how much MJ stuff was at the Rock Hall. Overall, it was a good trip and the kids were good. Next trip is to the House of Blues and Washington D.C. is in May.

ReRun: Just wanted to let you know that your students aren't the only ones who like Rock-n-Roll..........Hound Dogs like it too!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Friendship......

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.
Friendship is based on trust.
Dixie is the protector of her little lambies. They trust her and sometimes they even share their grain with her........sometimes. These little lambs have been getting an extra supplement of grain and fresh grass to hopefully give them an extra few pounds for winter.

Have I introduced you too my little friend? This is "Glover", my little 10# Shetland wether. He sure is not the "ideal" Shetland but he has a heart of gold and calls to me everytime he sees me. He follows me around in the yard while I do chores and loves to be picked up and hugged and because of that he will always have a home right here. I will protect him and love him because he is my friend and I could care else whether or not he is the "ideal" Shetland. Friends don't judge friends like that.

Squirt and "Miss Addison" are working on their friendship.

Miss Addison is a Black Cotswold x Shetland cross.......her daddy is Jed and she got his black gullie white teardrops. She is a sweetheart 100x over and is definitely a true friend. I think she is going to have some Cotswold dreads too:)

This is Miss Addison's fleece.........oh, she is just so thick and soft already at 6 months!!
Its been so busy around the house, farm, and at school and now with the time change I am sure I will feel like I have less time. And good grief, Thanksgiving will be here before I know it. At least I have my "friends" to share the holidays with:)