Saturday, October 3, 2009

What a Really Long Week......

It was a really long week.......a really long week. Between all the rain, my sump pump burning out (during a downpour of course), major drama & issues w/my students (how is it possible that a pregnancy issue, house arrest, child abuse, a threat to be shot at take place all in one week and all in 8th grade?......opps I forgot I was called an f-ing b#@*! by a student, probably because I was one last week. Though I appreciated being called an f-ing "B" as that carries status and power, I would hate to be an a*#hole "B" as that sounds so deeming and powerless, and just being called a "B" is just so boring......yes being an f-ing "B" is much better.......though I did correct the student to make sure she knew it was Miss. F-ing "B". I so hate being a Mrs.) ........... anyways, where was I before I got sidetracked by drama?
Oh yes, what a really long week it was. Did I mention that when I opened the barn door on Tuesday morning at 5:45 am that a LARGE RAT walked out the door and across my feet??!!! Yes, I am on a mission to destroy that unwanted guest. Let's see, oh and then those pushy sheep and goats this week at feeding time in the morning!!! I have a new motto.....I push back now. I refuse to be pushed around, clipped from behind, smashed into the wall......afterall, I OWN THEM>>>>THEY DO NOT OWN ME.........right???
Yep, what a week. Trying to keep up with chores and house stuff this week was not productive as the rain & early coldness just dampened any get up and go attitude.

Today was much better.......even a little sun this afternoon. I let the chickens out to "play" in the garden. My cat "Moo" was very interested in the inside of the chicken coop and just watched the chickens hang out.

Dixie, however, was on a mission to get the chickens back in the coop and followed them everywhere.

A little Autumn cheer at home this weekend is much needed.......... is some food. Tomorrow is making pumpkin bread and peaunt butter cookies day.
Maybe I will get to getting some fleece samples too:)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Needle Felting & a Winner

On Saturday I participated in another needle felting class. This class was creating an Autumn wall hanging using a variety of different fiber. So I worked with alpaca yarn, merino roving, & Wensydale locks, all in a variety of colors. This is my final Autumn needle felted product........

I am pretty excited about it!! Each class that I take is helping me build confidence that I can do this; I am learning more about the fiber and how to work with it, and it is helping me appreciate my sheep even more. Its so rewarding to do this!!

Today I worked in the garden trying to clean up a bit. I am collecting the mammoth sunflower heads to dry for the winter......I am thinking the birds might appreciate that:) My silly cat Maddie walked right into the picture......he is a garden helper too.

Miss Essex is such a beauty!!!

Oh, she wants to say that, who? Who did you say won the garden flag?
Tammy......the one with all those cute kittens!!!!!

I want to say thank you for everyone who stopped by and left a comment!!
Autumn Blessing to Everyone!!