Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drying Flowers/Herbs....& sheep pics

There are so many little projects and chores that need to be done in the flower beds and the garden. Today's after school chores included making bundles of flowers and herbs to dry in the barn.
On the left is pink sedum and on the right is yellow yarrow. I have this massive sedum in the frontyard that one year I will eventully split but for now it has a ton of pink flower heads that the bees are just loving. Then there is the yarrow. I hate the smell of it and it grows like crazy in my yard; HOWEVER, it does produce beautiful yellow button flowers that are nice in dry flower arrangements.

And then there is the Sweet Annie.......oh, yes, I have LOTS of it thanks to my Mom planting one little plant a few years ago. It just reseeds itself over and over again and I pull it out more and more each year. But it does have a few natural, benefical features.
Once the plant dries, the seeds can be used as a natural deworm for sheep and goats. I have a couple of friends that swear by it and the fiber artist that I have been taking classes with was thrilled to hear that I had lots of it. She took a few large bunches to use as a dewormer for her alpacas. The animals have to get use to the smell and taste of it but they get over it pretty quickly when they know their grain is mixed in it. The small bunches I have pictured above sell for $3-4.00 at craft shows. Another friend of mine uses it as a carpet freshner also.
(Tammy if you are reading I promise to send you some this year:)

Today I got a good picture of Spirit's family(minus Fletcher, her moorit,yuglet flecket ram lamb). Sheltering Pines Spirit is pictured in the back left corner then there is PITA, her half-polled ram lamb from this year and Sweet Annie next to PITA, her ewe lamb from last year.
Yep, she does produce those spots!! Behind Annie is Autumn, a moorit ewe who carries the modified and polled gene (she is a Jed. daughter). PITA is for sale if interested ;) He is a very nice size ram lamb with a great tail and soft fleece......he is well-fed too as one can see from the picture!

Miss Essex and I are still working on our relationship. I was trying to get the piece of hay off of her and she thought it was just fine where it was. So, I settled for a picture of her with hay hanging off of her face.
Such is life with silly sheep!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My 1st Wool Scarf Made by ME

Such a busy time of year!! So many projects, ideas, craft shows, finishing up in the garden and getting it ready for next year, but there is nothing like the feelingo of autumn in the air.
But as I promised myself I am taking the time to appreciate my sheep for what they give me.
This past Saturday I took another wet-felting class but this class was working strictly with roving; top-combed Merino to be exact.

So above is my second endeavor with wet-felting and roving! It is so amazing to see the felting process take place! I had an "idea" of what type of scarf I wanted to make and the colors I thought would be fun with demin and/or a cream colored heavy sweater. I needle felted the lamb design after the scarf was completed and dried. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I can actually do this. I have a long way to go and so much to learn, BUT its a start.

I found a little love in my garden the other day. This mammoth sunflower just reminded me of a big heart............

.........speaking of big hearts. This is Jasper, a smooth polled black ram out of Jedidiah. Jasper is such a lover. I can never get a good picture of Jasper because he always is right in my face looking for chin rubs and chest rubs.
Such is life at Harvest Thyme.......just me and the sheep....
.......and the goats.....and the horses.......and the chickens......oh, and the cats,
and of course, the dogs.