Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Attract Females

STEP 1: Begin with a soft, innocent look.

STEP 2: Give the side glance to show a possible interest......its important to still maintain that innocent look.

STEP 3: the whole package so she sees the goods.

STEP 4: Go in for the kill........its all in the lip action.

Brought to you by Flat Rocks 'Lil Texas, Nigerian Dwarf Buck
Cost: $500
Sense of Humor: Priceless

Monday, August 31, 2009

On Nuno Felting & Wool

Going back to school always brings about changes, new routines, and sometimes challenges as I try to "accomplish everything" possible from the time I get up 'till late into the evening.
But one thing I have promised myself is to appreciate my animals, particularly my sheep, for what they give me, not just in the love and peacefulness I find when I take those precious moments to just sit with them or watch them in the pasture but the role that they play in the "natural" world. I am sure it would be nice to have ribbons to glorify them but isn't having a product made by oneself from their fiber just as glorifying?

This past Saturday I took another fiber class. This class was in how to create a felted silk scarf. The process is called "nuno felting". In a brief description, it is laying loose and fine merino and alpaca (top-combed; other top combed can be used if desired) on silk in a pattern inspired by oneself. Then it is wet felted and hand rolled. The process takes about 3 hours, 2 hrs for more experienced felters. Mine took 3 hours:) The scarf pictured above is my first attempt at "nuno felting". This coming Saturday I am taking another class on wet felting but it will be making a wool scarf from roving.
It is all a learning process but its so nice to have found a fiber artist locally who is guiding and teaching me something as wonderful as felting. And I am meeting new people with all sorts of fun fiber animals........perhaps I should check out a merino lamb for next spring:)

Of course, I love picking through all the lambs fleeces when I sit with them. Honestly, the black lambs are like debris magnets but this little black ram lamb has a nice little crimp in his wool.........

............and a pretty cute face with little scurs to go along with it.

The air this past weekend was quite autumn like; same for the rest of the week. Tonight it should be around 41 degrees as there is an almost perfect full moon and a crystal clear night sky.
This is the time of year when my Black Cotswolds start growing locks that will hide their beautiful eyes. Pictured above is Bennington, a year old wether. He is going to have a beautiful fleece come spring!! Now wouldn't a wool felted scarf made from his locks be just wonderful on a snowy winter day?