Monday, August 24, 2009

Garden and Sheep R & R

Summer vacation official ended last Thursday as I reported back to school. I spent the weekend with a drive down to Amish Country to enjoy some free time with myself. There were lots of stores decorating for the Fall season and it was a good time for reflection on the upcoming months. This summer I put a lot of time and work into my new garden area and it was nice to just relaxation among all the flowers and plants this weekend.

My Dad built me this birdhouse which I hung along the backside of the garden fence. I will hope for some visitors come spring:)

A scarecrow and my pumpkin to start some Fall feeling in the garden............

.........Alvin kitty taking in the view of the garden. He loves to play in the garden all day and is usually found among the rows of corn cat napping.

I spruced up the other scarecrow with an old sweatshirt and I bought a beautiful mum on my drive in Amish Country. My cat Maddie happened to walk by as I was taking the picture.

This is the resident spider in the garden. I have no clue what kind of spider it is but its really BIG and is working very hard on a HUGE web amongst the tomato plants. I don't have the nerve to move "her" so I just stay clear of her and told the cats to also.

This is not the garden but I finally snuck a picture of Essex fleece up close while she was eating.
Isn't it just beautiful???!!!!!

She has been such a wonderful addition to the flock!!! Her fleece should be just outstanding come shearing time.

All my work in the garden has definitely been worth it. The monetary investment was not cheap over the past 2 years but the rewards of plenty will be endless. And even though the next 2 months are just going to be insanely busy between teaching, preparing barns for winter, fall craft shows/events, a few classes of needle felting I signed up to take etc. it will all be exciting, fun, and inspirational. And I know that with Autumn, the "other" season is just around the corner but that's okay because................
Autumn decorating and rewards have just started .....
.....I can't wait to see the colors of Autumn!