Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Trip to New York

This will be my second attempt to complete this post as last night I totally fell asleep in front of the computer. I am exhausted. Last week I was in a week long seminar, Saturday was the Cardigan Corgis Regional Dog Show (we lost:( Then Sunday was another dog show......we lost again BUT at least I got to leave early to run into town and do some necessity shopping and hit the craft show on the town square (that would be another post). Then Tuesday was the 62o mile ride one way to New York and back and today and yesterday was seminar work for school.
But let me talk about that New York trip!!
Kara at Mapleton Farm bought my beautiful mioget ram lamb and one of the spotted gully girls and since I was going to NY to get a Cotswold ewe lamb, we decided to meet up as Kara lived within an hour or so of where I was going. I was so nervous about Kara seeing the lambs and hoping she liked them. I can say that meeting Kara and her wonderful children was such a rewarding experience and she loved the lambs!!! I know that those lambs will have a wonderful life with Kara and they will have lots of green pasture to romp around on! Kara said on her blog that she took a leap of faith when buying the lambs sight unseen and she is so right. I love the computer and blogging but there is sometimes that little hesitation when making decisions about buying from the "computer". I am honored that she trusted makes for the beginning of a new friendship:) Thank you Kara!!

I was taking a leap of faith also. I have been wanting a white Cotswold ewe lamb for quite some time now and was able to talk with Robin at Nistock Farms in NY. Of course, I was nervous hoping that I had chosen the right lamb based on the numerous pictures she had sent me on what she had available. So, this was my choice..............and guess what????
I am so happy!!!!!! She is just beautiful!!!!
Her name is "Nistock Farms Essex Junction" (a town in VT, my theme this year). She was born on 4/11/09 and is weighing in at almost 70#. She is adjusting to her new home quite well, taking wool pulls from the goats, some shoving at feeding time, but overall everyone is excepting her quite well. Her wool is just gorgeous!!! She of course is shy so I can't get a close-up wool photo but I am very pleased!!

She was standing next to Spirit yesterday and I thought this photo would give a good idea on her size as a ewe lamb......Spirit is a 4 year old Shetland. I am thinking Essex is going to be a big girl as she is just 4 months old! She was well worth the drive to New York!!!

I have been so busy the last 2 weeks and today I finally got to get into the garden. I cut more broccoli to freeze, picked some cherry tomatoes, gotta get the cabbage this weekend, and I am thinking there is hope for my corn!!!! The corn and the mammoth sunflowers are as tall as the chicken coop!! On Saturday I am off to the Michigan Fiber Festival and delivering Juliann's few spotted moorit ram lamb..........I hope she likes him too!!