Friday, August 7, 2009

Suburban Dog Goes Country

My sister Jen stopped over today and brought her youngest 4 legged child along with her.
Leroy, aka "Bad Leroy Brown", is a brown Newfoundland and is just around 13 mos old and is weighing in around 130#. He is a big goof with lots of energy, probably because he ate a battery last month.
Leroy lives in the suburbs and has a little fenced in back yard so this was a lot of space and lots of smells for him to take in........he was very busy.

Of course, he had to meet the sheep first...............

.............then Mooshie, the LaMancha and Speedy, my miniature horse.

Then it was time for a water break. He wasn't quite sure on why the water was in a bucket as it was not like his suburban water bowl but once he realized he could dunk his whole face in the bucket, he was good to go.........typical Newfie humor:)

Next was meeting Johnny, the POA........he realized quickly that this "thing" was a lot larger than him, so interest was cut short but he did try to grab some of those "treats" through the fence. I was encouraging him to kiss his mommy at that point. Jen found little humor in my humor.

So all in all Leroy was a really good boy today. Little different take on the suburban lifestyle and being groomed for the show ring, but I think he could get use to country life.

Yep, a girl and her dog in the country........doesn't get any better than that.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New "Ewe" !!

My first farm animals were 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats. Then I got a couple more and then I decided to add sheep.......but I was torn on what breed. I was very drawn to the longwool breeds and their fascinating history, not to mention they were listed as a rare breed.
I decided on the Cotswolds, the Black Cotswolds in particular. It was a good idea but trying to find someone who had them and who was willing to part with them was another. I was lucky to find a breeder in southern Ohio and obtained a ewe and a wether. Then I added a Black Cotswold ram from Maryland. Finding another ewe was a struggle. So, I got frustrated and decided to get Shetlands as my quest to build a flock of Cotswolds was looking grim.

Martha, my ewe, was producing boys which became wethers, like Ethan pictured can one not love the dreadlock look??? I lost her first ewe lamb last year after only 2 days. I was totally devasted. So this year when she had a ewe lamb, though a Shetland/Cotswold cross I was so excited. Regardless that it is a cross, she can be bred to TJ, my ram.

Pictured above is TJ........I love him to death! He is just wonderful but he really needs more girlfriends. So I have been on a quest the last month. I had contacted Robin at Nistock Farms in New York about 2 years ago and she had no black ewe lambs. Last year I had my hands full with Shetland lambs so I just thought I would wait. But since there is a plan to meet up with Kara in NY, why not see if Robin has a ewe lamb? So I emailed her again. Well, no black ewe lambs again, but she talked to me about getting a white-factored ewe that will produce black lambs 50% of the time when bred to a black ram. Because the gene poll with the Black Cotswolds is so small, and I want white wool for my new love of needle felting anyways, I thought this sounded like a good idea to start with.
So guess what???????????

This is my new ewe lamb!!!!!!!
Oh, I am so excited!! She was born in April and is weighing in at 67 lbs already! Robin has been great to work with and it will be great to meet her and all her Cotswolds next week. Kara is meeting me at Robin's farm to get her 2 lambs from me too........I bet she gets a Cotswold too ;) LOL Just kidding Kara!!!
The ewe's name will be "Nistock Farms Essex Junction"..........I will call her "Essex". Since my lambs are all being named after towns in Vermont, I asked Robin if I could name her and she had no problem with that.
My Dad is driving with me to New York next week.......silly Dad thought we were just going to take lambs to NY. I told him he should know me better than that..........why would I drive 5 hours to NY and not bring something home?????

Monday, August 3, 2009

How August is Starting Out

Yes, this is the month that I realize what a slug I was in July and now I have a thousand things that really need to get done before I go back to school. And to top it off this week and 2 days next week I am in history seminars. Its not like I have been a total slug but sluggish enough.......I think some people call it "relaxing". Its an odd word in my vocab. but my beagles have insisted that I turn off the alarm in the morning and just sleep in a little more and sometimes I just can't roll over them to get to the alarm clock so sometimes I am forced to sleep in but then there are those darn cats of mine.............
This weekend FWB was not racing so he stopped over to work on the fence and we would have had it all done but I miscalculated posts and I was 5 short!!! We only have 4 sections to put up along the backside and then hang 2 gates.........oh and cut off the post tops that are sticking up. But its almost done!!! Overall, I am so pleased with the way it is turning out!! Can't wait to decorate for fall out in the garden too!!

This week I picked a lot of black raspberries and decided to give my hand at making jelly on sure did smell awesome while I was making it! I hope it turns out good, no seals popped so I am hopeful:)

I have been seeing a lot of large container gardening using trees and pines on the gardening shows so I decided that I am going to plant something in my whiskey barrel. I bought this weeping Norway spruce to plant in it. It was not a cheap pine; however, I really like the weeping pines. Now of course, FWB wanted to know why I bought a tree that was bent and I kindly explained that it was a "weeping" pine and was growing that way on purpose. He kindly pointed out that this type of purchase could lead to couples divorcing; hence one of the "issues" we had when we were married.......he still "likes" me LOL.

My cats have taken to relaxing in the new garden area, though I think Tabby was pointing out that there are some weeds that need to be pulled.

And I shall end this post with a lamb picture!! This nice kat ram is a twin ram lamb out of Lil'Country Acres Eliza Jane (kat also) and Jammer. He has extremely small scurs, not even 1/4 inch in length. He was born on 4/19 and is ready to go!! Very sweet and well-mannered! He is very reasonably priced at $100 plus registration. I am going to MFF next weekend and would gladly pack him up and take him up there:)