Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekly Update on the Farm

The weather here in Northeast Ohio has pretty humid, overcast, and rainy the last 2 days. Good weather to stay in bed, nap, and just do nothing. But since I only have less than a month before school starts again and August is really busy, I decided to go for a drive down to Amish Country to pick up some things........of course, Mom and Dad tagged along because as retirees they have all this extra time now (oh gosh if they read this I am in so much trouble:)

It was just as overcast and humid down there which is only 40 minutes south of my place.

We stopped at Lehman's Hardware in Kidron. This is a great place especially for homesteaders. They have a lot of non-electric stuff like appliances and lighting. They have a lot of canning stuff and tons of unique cookie cutters of which I wanted a stock pot for canning pint jars and some cookie cutters for my new love of needle felting.

Then of course Mom and I forced my Dad to go to our favorite store called, "Primitive Gatherings". Now is this not the cutest display???!!! They were already setting up many of their Autumn/Halloween displays. I am so ready for Fall. For me, I stretch Fall from August to Thanksgiving because it is my favorite season.

Now of course I already have one of those pumpkins from last year but I am thinking he needs a buddy..........perhaps my next trip down:)

Speaking of rain, these 2 PITA lambies did not come out of the rain and I was thinking of hanging them from the clothes line for various reasons..........notice that the "fenced" pasture is behind them. Of course they are 2 of the nicest ram lambs born this year so they are lucky in that category.

All in is moving along and there is so much still to do. I have picked 12 cups of blackberries and will be making jam thise weekend. Now if only those tomatoes would start to turn!!!!
There is a new addition coming to Harvest Thyme in 2 weeks........its really white and wooly and a rare breed.................:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Chick Issues

Okay, this is the issue inside the chicken coop.........................

Some of the girls are naked! When I had the 2 roosters, they were relentless on the girls but they have been gone now for almost 3 months and the girls are still naked.......its so embarrassing!

Some of the girls are more naked than these girls and refused to have their picture taken. What is going on? Is it stress? Is it their diet? (I am feeding a chicken mash and I add crushed oyster shells to it). How long does it take to grow feathers back? I know they go through a molting stage but it just seems like this has been going on too long.
Is there anything I can add to their food as a supplement? They all eat well, I am getting 7-10 eggs a day, they are all healthy except for the lack of feathers. I feel terrible about this. I am open to any suggestions anyone can give me as this is my first year with chickens!!!

"Not sure what is up with them, but us lambies are doing just fine growing our wool!"