Friday, July 17, 2009

Psst......check out these 2009 lambs!

This is Windswept Savannah Grace, a mioget ewe. She was bred by Harvest Thyme Jammer Thyme, a moorit, yuglet, flecket ram. Savannah is flanked by her ewe and ram lamb (ram lamb in front).

I think this is a wonderful breeding (though not planned, thank you Jammer). Jammer's sire is Lil'Country Acres Jedidiah, a polled black gullie ram who has a wonderful crimped fleece. Jammer's dam is Lil'Country Acres Polly, a blk smirslet ewe.

I wish my camera could do the ram lamb's fleece more justice because it has some serious crimp to it! It is so beautiful!

In the sun his fleece is truly golden in color! He was born on 4/19/09 and as of today he has less than a half inch scur. Today he and I were not on good speaking terms as he escaped out with the PITA (see previous post) so he kept giving me the cold shoulder when I was trying to get a picture:)

These are 2 snapshots of the black gullie ewe lambs. The twins dam is a black smirslet ewe and their sire is Jedidiah, my polled blk. gullie. Harriet, the twins dam, was sired by a mioget yuglet ram and the dam was also a blk smirslet so there is some spotting & modifying in the twins genes. Both are just awesome!!!

As I mentioned in the previous post, the spotted blk. gullie girls are for sale @ $125. Savannah's moorit ewe lamb is also for sale @ $125 also. Hint, hint Rayna & Kara :)
Thank you Kara for buying Savannah's beautiful ram lamb!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progress is being made on the homestead

I cannot believe July is half-way over! Summer is flying by and I have to get my "must get done before I go back to school list" in gear because it is quite extensive. Though this week, a little progress has been made.
On Monday my FWB had the day off from work and actually stopped over to get the picket fence started. I must be patient because this is racing season so he and his car are often gone on the weekend. We got the whole south side done plus the section that comes off the back dutch door. Its a lot of work but at least it has gotten started:)

I did get the bench I bought at the Amish auction stained & polyurethaned. It now has a home on my front porch. Casper thought he would help out and get in the photo too.

Now some may call this a Shetland lamb; I however call it a PITA.......Pain in the A#*! I bought all this lumber to fix the fence line that lifted this winter so the lambs would stop escaping out. PITA is the only one who keeps getting out! I have yet to see where he is getting out because I swear he waits until I walk to the other barn and then escapes (at least he goes back in after he is done grazing on his terms). And of course he is one of the largest lambs so how he is getting out is beyond me. PITA is for sale btw........he actually is a very nice lamb......obviously very smart........has a great tail......priced very reasonably.......and I am sure would love to have some girlfriends:)

In this area of the garden, I had a crop failure so I re tilled the area and planted some more beans and much to my delight, they are growing!!!

Last year my hopes for growing spaghetti squash got squashed by the weather but I thought this year I would try again and yes, there is hope!! I have numerous squashies growing! They may be little but they are there!

Alvin is the garden patrol kitty. In today's patrol I believe he is letting me know that the grass is growing well between the sunflowers and the tomatoes but probably should be weeded out ASAP.

The lambs are growing so fast and this little black gullie girl is a true sweetheart! She and I love each other very much and often have morning bonding moments. She does want me to let you know that there are 2 spotted gullie ewes for sale @ $125. Just in case you wanted to know:)
Most important info:
I got all my paper work back this week and my sheep and I are officially registered with NASSA!