Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wishing You a Happy 4th of July!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful July 4th weekend!

May you enjoy your time with family & friends.........

............and may your day sparkle with good times and fond memories!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To Be Ag or Not.

As a relatively new Shetland breeder who hated anything science related in school, esp. when it came to understanding DNA & genetics (hence that is why I am a history teacher); I am working slowly to understand the many different components of Shetland sheep. One of the things I am working on understanding is the whole Ag and modified concept. I have spent much time reading through the NASSA on modified, colors, fleece types etc. I am getting there......slowly.
Let me present what I have been thinking about and observing.

Pictured above is Windswept Betsy, a musket ewe with markings labeled as Blet/Biel/Flec. Betsy is out of a blk/wh ram & a moorit ewe. These are Betsy's kids born on 4/19/09. When the ewe lamb was born I would have said she was a dark brown w/smirslet markings. The white lamb is a ram lamb.
This is the same ewe lamb as of 7/1/09.........gee, quite a change in the coloring. So while I was reading the NASSA website on the modified Shetland cases, I was noticing that some lambs that looked just like this were labeled as moorit......some were labeled as mioget????

This is her fleece.......I have never had a lamb with this type of fleece!! I think this is the most exquisite fleece and it is so soft!! I just love it!!! Okay, I am sure I am not saying this politically correct in Shetland terminology so please tell me the correct way to label this fleece.
This ewe would be labeled as Ag correct? Modified? Moorit or mioget?

This is the ewe's twin.......a white ram, a yuglet/flecket correct? Now, how can one tell or is it possible for a white sheep to be Ag or is it just given because they are white? I can say that Betsy, the twins dam, is Ag. Her facial coloring changes completely from summer to winter.
These may appear to be simple concepts for seasoned Shetland sheep breeders; but I am trying to sort through the lambs that I have and what they could produce in the future.
Besides Abigail's beautiful ram lamb, both of these lambs here have the type of fleece texture I think I like the most.
Anyways, I just wanted to share some of my lambs and possibly get some feedback from those that better understand the in's & out's of Ag & modified in the Shetlands:)

Monday, June 29, 2009

"P" stands for..............

So today things beginning with the letter "P" jumped out at me.........must be a teacher thing.

A pair of miniature horses........Speedy and Monique taking in the sun after breakfast this morning.

These twin ram lambs are out of Lil' Country Acres Eliza Jane and Jammer. The moorit boy on the left has about an inch & half scurs and the spotted kat ram is POLLED. Only signs of a scur is an itty bitty knob on the left..............

.......yep, there is nothing there!!!!

And a view from the other end. Both boys are being offered for sale. The moorit is $100. $110 if registered and $75 as a wether. The spotted kat ram lamb is $140. $150 if registered and I really hate to see him wethered as he is looking really nice:)

"P" is for the pear tree along the creek. This tree has been here since I bought the property in 1991. I hate pears, yuck. However, it is a shame that if these pears are edible, that I am doing nothing with them.

The tree is LOADED with PEARS!!! Does anyone know where would be the best place to get them tested to see if they are edible? I am sure I could sell some of these or at least give them to those that would appreciate them. Any good tips on pear growing? I have never treated the tree with any pesticides either.

And of course, "P" is for Pink on my screened patio.
It is a good thing I teach 8th grade and not the little kids......I'd have to do this letter thing all the time. Now the letter "P" if I am thinking like an 8th grader...........oh, those pathetic puberty minds just kill me! Thank goodness for summers!!