Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking for the Pot of Gold

Northeast Ohio has gotten a lot of rain in the past 48 hours and today was no exception.
Just after finishing evening chores, the skies opened up as one big water bucket.
And as quickly as they opened, the sun came out and so did this beautiful rainbow...........

This is the view of the rainbow from my front porch............

........and then came the second rainbow!
So off I went with Dixie looking for the pot of gold but within 5 minutes, our beautiful rainbow disappeared.......just my luck......perhaps I'll have better luck next time but at least it was a beautiful sight to start the weekend. Hopefully, no more rain will come because my newly planted garden is getting a tad too muddy now and I need to finish planting my flowers!
Hope everyone has a productive weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Spot Spots on the Wrong Side of the Fence

When I got home from school yesterday, I was thinking that there appeared to be spots on the wrong side of the fence..........

and after closer examination by Dixie, yes there were spots on the wrong side of the fence. I know the grass is greener on the wrong side of the fence.....however!!! Leave it the lambs to figure out a way out.

Dixie got them rounded up for me by the main entrance to the barn because gosh forbid they would go back in the way they came out. Of course, once I got them back in the little stinkers went out again within a 1/2 hour but I saw how they got out and fixed that "issue".
These boys are out of Sheltering Pines Spirit and she has always given me spotted lambs. She is actually a daughter of Stephen Rouse's Sheltering Pines Hildegard. I waited a long time to get a beautiful spotted ewe from Stephen & the wait was worth it:)

Now this little white/moorit spotted guy is only showing about 1/8 inch scur growth at 6 weeks old. His brother has about 1/2 inch growth. I will be offering him, the black & white yuglet spotted ram for sale, pending of course horn/scur growth. The white/moorit boy may or may not be offered........not that I am thinking of keeping him but depending on those little scurs.......

Monday, May 25, 2009

On Gardening, Wool, & Kids

Sometimes there is just not enough time to do everything.
Thank goodness school is over in 13 days because I need those summer months off to make a dent in all that needs to be done!!
I did however, take time on Sunday morning to go to a fiber show. I packed up some of my wool and I was at the show by 10:00 am. I am so glad I went as I met some wonderful people and just was able to see all the endless opportunities that can be done with wool!!

I bought this beautiful ball of roving because I just feel in love with the colors and it will serve as an inspiration while waiting for my wool to get processed into roving & felting. Then I fell in love with this wool felted hat (pictured on right)!!! It is the cutest hat I think I have ever seen!! It is handmade out of 100% Romney wool and it is a perfect fit! I love all the felting things one can do with wool. I signed up for a Christmas in July felting class and the project will be making a wool felted Christmas stocking. Now I have to be honest about my wool. The processing company I decided to go with told me that I need to pick through my wool more to clean it up before I get it processed. He said that it will help with a better quality end product. Since I am new at this, I will take this advice and clean it up. It will also give me time to go through last years wool. They will be at another show in Ohio in a couple of weeks so I will take it there. Anyways, I had a great time and will be spending in dues to join the local spinning club which will be holding a class in June on how to dye yarn/roving with Kool-Aid etc. So I am looking forward to that also!

On Sunday my family came over to help plant the garden. My niece Gracie was very involved in her planting. She brought a 3 pack of watermelon to plant for herself. I have never planted watermelon so I will keep my fingers crossed and tend to "her" plants with lots of love:)

And then of course, there are other "kids" on the farm that also offer their assistance whenever possible.

So this raised bed is my cabbage and the area behind it with the trellis has the beans and spaghetti squash. To the right of the trellis are a few rows of strawberry popcorn.....a miniature decorative corn for Fall. And then to the left on other trellis (actually a piece of old scaffolding) I planted cannonball gourds to grow up the "ladder".

Now the bed right in front is going to be Mom's herbs but its not completed yet. The 2 beds right behind it are all the cauliflower and brocolli. Then on green tripod/trellis are the cucumbers. Next to that green trellis in the other square bed are the brussel sprouts. Long the backside in the rotatilled area are 20 various tomato plants, Gracie's watermelon, and the corn.
Now all the garden needs is a lot of love and hopefully I will have a bountiful harvest come Fall!!!
This is the largest garden I have ever planted so I am so looking forward to watching it grow:)
As busy as things can get, there is just nothing like sitting down with the lambs and just loving all over them and letting them love all over you. This little gullie ewe has slowly been stealing my heart............