Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden Flowers & a New Gullie Ewe!!

Yesterday I took the last of my Special Privilege Leave days at school. I had an agenda a mile long and the weather was beautiful. Mom and I headed down to Amish Country early (Dad had to stay home because M & D are having work done on their house).
The Amish in Holmes County are known for their beautiful hanging baskets and I always admire them but am too cheap to spend the money. Mom and I stopped at a garden center that probably had well over 200 beautiful baskets. I cracked under the pressure of all the colors and fragrances and bought one. I decided that by the time I spent the money to make one, which would never look like these, I might as well buy one.

So this is my first huge hanging is absolutely beautiful!!! The baskets are $19.99 and yesterday there was 10% of for customer appreciation. Mom bought I beautiful one also. Please biggify the picture to see all the flowers:) We also stopped at another nursery and in Maysville so I could get grain for the animals and then we headed home.
I have been keeping a watchful eye on the last 2 ewes to lamb and around 4:00 new lambs were born. About 2 hours after I got home!

Lil'Country Acres Eliza Jane gave birth to a black gulmoget ewe and a black smirslet ram lamb (pictured below). Eliza has lambed twice before and has only had singles. Last year she had Jammer and 2 years ago had Harriet, the ewe that had the twin gullie ewes this year. Of course, I am just too excited to have another gullie ewe!!! These pics were taken about an hour after they were born.

This little guy has leathery patches were the horns are "suppose to be"......hopefully he will be smooth polled or very slightly scurred. He has very nice fleece bty:)

Now in between all of these lambs I need to plant all these flowers and stuff I bought. I did get my millet plant, 2 watermelon plants for my niece who asked if we could plant watermelon, a new sedum, a few tomato plants, spaghetti squash (which I planted last year and it did crap for me:( I also bought a non-acid organic tomato plant that I am going to do in a container on the deck, and some other misc. stuff, pernnials mostly. Its raining outside right now so planting is out today.

I caught these boys hanging out yesterday. I call the boys "my little gangsters". All of these boys look to be either scurred; however the spotted kat ram on the right looks to be smooth polled possibly. He is really nice and will be offered for sale. I can't decide if the ram lamb on the far left side is moorit or mioget. All of these boys will be offered for sale, either as wethers or rams, obviously depending on scurs, tails etc. All of them were sired by Jammer who is out of Lil'Country Acres Jed, my polled black gullie ram. Prices will be very, very reasonable;)

So, of the only 5 ewe lambs born, 3 are black gullies and the moms are mother and daughter.
I think my Jedidiah did pretty good:)
Now lets see how good I am in getting that garden togther this weekend.........
at least my hanging basket is all done;)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just 3 Lamb Pics to Share w/You

I just could not resist slipping in 3 more lamb pics........

........the twin ewes are doing wonderfully!! I am still in awe of them, probably because I was feeling so overwhelmed with all the ram lambs ( still am actually but thats another post ).

Sisterly sister and I never cuddled like this..........

Let's see. On the left is one of the ewe lambs and her very awesome ram lamb brother, both will be staying with me. Peeking around the back is the black, krunet ram lamb. I am almost 100% positive he is going to be a smooth polled ram as there are no signs of scurs/horns on him......he will be offered for sale if all works out well. Lot of nice fleece and tails in his line:)
Tomorrow is my last Special Privilege Leave Day at school (I got 3 a year)...........
got lots of plans for tomorrow, starting with lambs and gardening!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OMG....Twin Gulmoget Ewe Lambs!!!!!

I am just a tad excited today because after 12 lambs being born, 10 of which were ram lambs, twin ewes have arrived at Harvest Thyme............

and how much better does it get when the twin ewes are gulmogets?????

Oh, yes, isn't she a little beauty!!!!!!!

I know my handsome black gulmoget Jedidiah is just laughing at me and shaking his head.
He knows I love him for giving me these beautiful little ewe lambs. Mom is a black smirslet and her dam is also a black smirslet and her sire was a mioget, yuglet ram.

Oh, my, I am so excited!!! When I came home from school today and pulled my van into the backyard to unload some feed I glanced over at the big barn saw her sitting under the overhang. At first I thought one of the other baby lambs had gotten out of the "nursery" pen but then I saw 2 lambs and I went running over. I remained "calm" as the 2 miniature horses came walking over to me. It was obvious that she had had the babies a while ago because they were dry and quite content sitting next to her. I picked up the babies and she followed me into the barn and into the "nursery". Image how excited I was to find no little testicles! I think I checked that a million times because I could not believe there were none.
And they are such pretty little girls!!!!!
I mean gulmoget twin ewes!!!!!

Yes, Kristi, there is a Santa Claus!!!!