Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gracie's 2009 Lamb Keeper

On Sunday my family came out to visit. Niece Gracie was off to see the lambs right away.
Look at who she fell in love with!!
This little guy is such a sweetie, letting Gracie hold him and pet him, the patience of a Saint seeing as he was just a week old in this picture. I told her I had prayed for a white lamb for her and I and he was our present! So she said I could give her him for Christmas:)
Keeping with the J-Crew theme (boys who are related to Jedidiah), I am going to name him Jericho or Jeremiah. Opps, guess I forgot to say that this white boy is staying right here with me because I have always wanted a white sheep:)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lamb Number 10 is Born Today

Last night I was pretty sure that Miss Abby, my FAVORITE ewe (she is a twin kat ewe born here) was going to lamb. So I put her in the new "nursery" area. This morning she was fine, going about her business as usual. Of course, today's high temps were to be 86-87 degrees so after school I ran into the petstore & JoAnn Fabrics real quick and was home right away. The dogs were having a fit because I went right back to the barn to check on Abby.

Yep, Abby had her baby. I was thinking twins because she was so big, but she had one big lamb.............and keeping with the theme this lambing season........a RAM LAMB!!!!

He is so big...he is the largest lamb out in the nursery area and he was just born. He is beautiful and very flashy, with horn buds of course. His right eye patch (your left) is not a complete yuglet marking but the left side is. But oh, he is nice!! If everything goes accordingly with him, he will be offered for sale. Drop me a line if you might be thinking spots.

Seriously, he is so cute! I am so loving all these spots this if a few of them would have the big "V" instead of the "P" I would be even more excited:) There is hope as I have 3 more ewes to lamb.......someone has to have a ewe in there somewhere!!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thoughts on Mowing the Lawn

Okay, I know I have waited all winter to see spring......the flowers, leaves on the trees, the sounds of the birds, but after sitting on the lawn mower yesterday cutting the grass for the first time this season, I was wondering if I could train my sheep to do this?

Sure would save on hay, I could rotate the sheep in time intervals.
Its just a thought worth thinking about :)