Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday's Farm Humor

Now I know that everyone who has farm animals has had "conversations" with them. Today the animals seemed to take on a sense of humor. If the animals could talk this is what I think they were saying.....................

Miss Verna: " I love this game of hide-n-seek! I bet they will never find me under here!"

"Oh, my gosh! I finally found the perfect bucket butt rubber for little sheep!"

"I can't believe she was going to throw this bag out! Seriously, I know there is some grain left in here.....times are lean, the economy is tight, and I need to do my part."

"Got Shears?"
"Can you see me now cuz I sure as heck can't see you!"
How can being a single woman on her own farm be so bad? Look at all the fun company I have to make my day. I just have to wonder what they are saying about me............

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Egg-citing" News!!

This was a very "egg-citing" weekend! Why? Well, of course I will tell you!
The chickens are like little egg machines right now and I am just so impressed with them!
Now keep in mind that this is my first spring with the girls as last year they arrived in a little box at the end of April so I am more excited than the average "chicken farmer".

How can one not get excited over a basket of beautiful eggs like this? On Sunday, the girls gave me 16 EGGS!!! That is an all-time record at Harvest Thyme! I have 25 girls in production right now. So in 3 days I have collected 38 eggs and including the 12 I got today.......well 11 because I dropped one and Dixie got it. She always waits patiently at the chicken door waiting for a freebie and today was her lucky day.

I wish I could post Sassy's babies but she prefers to just hang out, getting bigger so I will post the LaMancha babies.....again:) On Sunday I let them run around in the yard as I was cleaning up in the raised garden beds. They are quite curious about the cats and they give Alvin quite the "look".

I am quite pleased in the way they are turning out! I can't believe how quickly they have grown in a month and their little personalities are starting to show.....
.......don't forget that little guy is "For Sale"!!!

So, other than that the other most exciting thing that has happened is I bought 4 new tires for my Town & Country mini-van......well I did get 77,000 miles out of the original tires so I can't complain too much but tires are so boring I would much prefer something fun in the garden like more pink gardening tools:)