Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Chores on the Homestead

I always enjoy the beginning of spring because then I know what havoc the winter created on the little homestead. My barn lost quite a few shingles along the back due to some serious high wind issues. I had to call in the FWB to give me a hand with it and because he is such a "sweetheart" he came over to help me out.
Of course, it is a total muddy mess out in the barn area but we had a lot of rain last weekend and the roof was really leaking so this had to get done ASAP.

He had to replace at least 15 shingles on the roof.......he would kick my A*@ if he knew I posted these pics of him but oh heck, we're divorced anyways. Actually I am very thankful that he helped out today:)

Of course, it is always good to have back-up reinforcements when tackling barn work.

My niece Gracie came over today too. She was very excited to see the new PINK boots I bought her......its her favorite color too!!

And this is what little girls do when they wear their new PINK boots.

And nephew Bobby was very excited because he got to see the new baby goats......he also collected 10 eggs today!! He was hoping to see Sassy have her babies but no luck again.
Maybe tomorrow Sassy will have her babies.........

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Good Buys!!!

Okay, today I got some good buys in my opinion.

First are these totally cool pink yard tools. They are part of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the slogan is "Garden for the Cause". I got these at my favorite closeout store. The shovel was $5.99; the rake was $4.99, and the hand shovel was $1.99. They have many more fun tools too, I am thinking of going back to get the hedge trimmers and another hand shovel. I just think they are way too fun not to have in the garden and on the farm and all for a great cause!!

Next I got this really unique chandelier that I thought would be neat to hang on my screened in porch this summer. Can you just image a pretty plant/flower in the center with votive candles?Okay, it was $9.99 and it is wrought iron, glass, and ceramic flower pot.......too fun!!!

And last but not least is this bird cage........also wrought iron (biggify to see the details like the leaves and row of birds on the top). I thought this would make a beautiful plant holder. Its over 4 ft. tall!! And it was $19.99!!!! Oh, I am just so excited on my purchases today!!!
I would be even more excited if Sassy would have her babies this weekend!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a Goat Post!

This is Hoof Print Hill Sassafras. She is bred to Flat Rock Lil' Texas. She is due really soon. Like maybe tomorrow? Maybe Thursday?
I love her color and I am hoping her babies are just as flashy as she is. She is a real pistol and her favorite past-time in the barn is pulling wool out of the sheep.
Perhaps she is practicing for the milking portion of the goat job. Her udder has really come in this week. She is a first time mom so I am a nervous wreck about this. I am hoping she does a wonderful job like Patty is doing with her babies and that there are no pregnancy issues.

I was trying to move this tote out of the barn today to make more room but the goats kept insisting it was a toy to play on. I am thinking she is going to have twins.......keeping fingers crossed for twin does of course:)

Have I ever posted a picture of my baby LaManchas? LOL
Okay, I'll be honest, he was taking a potty break but he looked so perfect in his little stand and he was not jumping around like a lil' silly so I snapped the picture.
And of course my Miss Verna!! Next week they have a date at the vet to be dehorned.......ouch but it has to be done. Dehorning is one thing I am not ready to learn how to do. I do all my own shots but certain things I am not yet there with.
Hopefully my next post will be some Nigerian Dwarf babies:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

And so it rained a lot today

Okay, so today we got a little bit of rain.......okay so it was a lot of rain.
There is a small creek that runs down the south side of my property line along the trees before it snakes soley onto my neighbors property.

In the picture above that small creek is always to the left of that large there was so much water rushing down from the street that there were 2 creeks.

And then the creek got even wider.......thankgoodness neither my house or barns are near it.
My pasture, however, does not look all that great muck mess.

And this corner fence is actually on my neighbors property, though its only about five feet from the property line. What a mess!!!

Miss Verna was snug in the barn, oblivious to all that was going on outside and was just happy to play and hang out on my arm.........I am so in love with her:)
Now I am thinking that Sassy has to have her babies this week.............