Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time is Just Rushing Along

Time is just rushing along and since I am not a fast runner, ok I never ran fast, I just walk fast, I am not keeping up with everything. Something things are working on time, the weather for example is not. I had to order propane on Thursday, choke, that was a $500 check. I only have a 250 gallon tank vs. a 500 gallon tank so I end up getting one more load than the average propane user but its easier to pay the smaller amount. And since the money tree in the backyard is bare right now, well you get the the idea. I am standing firm that this will be my last fill 'till Fall so March better not come in like a lion. Anyways, moving on.......

Patty has become mellow this last week, shying away from the bustling in the barn, not head butting the sheep and bossing them around like she usually does.

And of course, as per her request, she is getting more food. I am actually getting pretty excited to see what she has. I am hoping its a girl because then I'll have a better excuse to keep it. My rationale is that I am getting a new baby LaMancha buck in March who then can be bred to all the LaMancha girls as he will be unrelated......I am being hypothetical as Patty still is holding out on who really is the daddy.

Jasper, blk. polled ram lamb on left, and TJ were having some "polling" issues this morning relating to who is in charge. TJ is just so much bigger than the Shetland boys but has never been overly aggressive, just a few side bumpings. Jasper is becoming such a sweetie:)

I finally got a nice pic of this little ewe lamb. Her mom is out of the mioget ram I lost in December so I am curious to see if her fleece changes up......looks more moorit now though. It is so soft and wavy. She finally is coming up to me for an occasional chin rub.
Such is life at Harvest Thyme........3 does to have babies in the next few weeks. Sheep, if bred, not due to end of April, first of May. Gardens to think about, house to clean, income tax being done this week, last week of Feb. coming tomorrow..........time is just rushing along.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Day Off & Envisioning Spring

Its always so nice to have a day off because then I can just enjoy doing morning chores and hanging out with the animals and I don't have to feel rushed to get things done.
This morning, yet again, there was a nice size coating of snow on the ground. That is because there is this big hole on Lake Erie where its not frozen & therefore ample room for Lake Effect Snow to come in......actually it will be here all week. Above are 3 of the ewe lambs that were born here over the summer. I am so pleased with the way they are turning out!!

Of course, they all came running as soon as they see me with the grain bucket.......sometimes I wonder if they love me just for being me (LOL)

I am thinking positive that there will be beautiful flowers surrounding the garden here in a few months. But more exciting prospects were on my morning walk with the dogs when I spotted................a blue bird!!!!!
Okay, this obviously was not the blue bird I spotted but by the time I was able to sneak up on him by the blue bird house on the fence line, he had spotted me and flew away. And do you think he would come back? No, of course not!

I went inside the pasture to check out the house............

..........a very fresh nest!!! A tad early perhaps??? I always clean out the houses in the fall ( I have 2 blue bird houses on the property). So, what is the deal? Is there hope for spring coming soon? Was that silly groundhog wrong? I was pretty excited to see the little blue bird in the yard to say the least!!

So, from my kitchen window today, while I was washing dishes (seriously, I am the only person I know who does not have a dishwasher & therefore still washes dishes by hand), I envisioned the garden barn and deck filled with flowers........esp. daisies which are my favorite:)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Farm Photos

A very light snow fell last night. I'll call it tolerable snow because its February. I am not in the mood anymore for intolerable snowfall. What I am ready for is spring and dry ground.

I want my garden decorations surrounded by flowers, not covered in snow.

Everyone enjoying the morning meal as I remind them to eat every blade of hay......times are lean, hay is expensive, and we need not be wasteful:)

I finally got a snapshot of Lil' Benjamin and his mom, both are Black Cotswolds. I had Benjamin wethered as the market for rams is slim and I refused to take him to auction. He would make an EXCELLENT fiber pet.......HINT, HINT. He is really becoming a little sweetie at 8 mos. old.

And then there is little Josiah who likes to wear hay as an accent on his wool. He has finally come around to realizing that chin and chest rubs are a good thing and he does not have to head butt my hand every time I reach out to touch him. I still am in love with his coloring.......

What a face!! I think he knows he is a cutie.......don't you?
Tomorrow is President's extra day off for complaints from me!
Plenty of stuff to do at home:)