Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cat Number 12 of 13

Today I snuck a few photos of Sealy in.......a rarity to say the least as she is quite shy. She is very friendly with me and on rare occasions my mom & dad and FWB get to see her. Sealy came to me via my sister's friend who raises horses out my way. A mother cat had had kittens in her barn and she did not want them and was afraid they would get stepped on by her horses. There were 3 kittens. I convinced one of the doctors at the vet. clinic to take one home and then I ended up with the other 2, a long hair black male named "Spooky" and Miss Sealy. They became cats 11 and 12 respectively. Alvin is cat 13. Maybe if I get cat 14, I will have better luck.....13 is such an unlucky number.

Isn't she a pretty little thing? She loves to talk to me in the morning when I am getting ready for school. She has such pretty blue eyes. Sealy is a petite little thing, probably weighing no more than 8 #. She and her brother had a lot of issues with climbing the screens, esp. on the screened in porch so I did declaw them, front paws only of course. I hated to do it but they were really bad about the screens. Spooky only goes out on the screened porch but Sealy likes to go outside for a few hours.
It was way too muddy to get sheep photos outside so I thought I'd get an inside sheep photo.

The picture below is title, "The Common Domestic Day"........

and so I washed clothes, washed all the floors, put every snowman in my house away and tomorrow I'll start washing the curtains........maybe:)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun Stuff to Start a 3 Day Weekend

Sometimes when animals make accusations towards their owners,(see prior post on a "Note from Patty") they should be prepared to get caught in the act of doing something..........I am sure Patty will tell you she was just trying to get more feed because I don't feed her.

About this time of year, the Cotswolds get lost in their fleece. Somewhere in there are Ethan's eyes. I always tell them I am going to put a clip on the top of their head to hold their wool so they can see........seriously, I just love the face:)

I spent "a little" money on myself this week. The weather was just too depressing so I needed a pick me up. I found these very, very, very, comfortable shoes at Dillard's Dept. Store. They remind me of my sheep because they are wool like........$80 original price but I got them half off. I love Birkenstock & Borne shoes so these newbies called "Keen" fit right in on the comfy factor.

And this sweatshirt just cracked me up so for $8.00 at TSC I had to have it. I don't "technically" have a boyfriend, he is the FWB, ex-hubby.......boyfriend I guess is for the "younger" crowd and being in the over 40 group now (only by one year!!) I have to go with the FWB label. But I love pink stuff so what the heck!! Animals don't care as long as they get fed.

So, I have a 3 day much cleaning to do inside the house, so many new gardening magazines to read, all that Amish food to eat, what shall I do???? Oh, I forgot those papers to grade too:(

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Note from Patty

I, Patty, a 3 year old chocolate LaMancha doe living at Harvest Thyme Homestead since I was 4 weeks, do solemnly swear, to be pregnant.
NO, I am not bred by my Cotswold wether buddy Ira!

Have you not noticed that I am eating like a piggy? I have been trying to tell you this but obviously you have had other things on you mind like paying attention to those dwarf things you call goats. Perhaps did it not occur to you, that I might be eating for 2?3?

Now, I do not want to get all personal, but I think posting my private sector is necessary to show people that you need to pay more attention to what is going on in the barn. The udder may be small, but it is there, give it time as I am a real dairy goat. And my sides are starting to get fuller too......just another FYI. I would appreciate you giving me more grain at this point.

So, who is the Daddy you are wondering? Well, it could be Mr. Friendly, the young LaMancha buck.........remember when I was screaming at midnight a few months back ( and the neighboors came over the next day to see if everyone was okay:) because I was in a raging heat cycle and then you put me in with him to shut me up? I believe you called me a "big mouth". Well, it could be him but............

it could Lil' Texas, that horny little Nigerian Dwarf, who is all about himself and his little Nigerian Dwarf groupies. Remember you left him and the other dude with us 'till late October.........duh!

Yeah, those are 2 of the 3 that I am talking about. Check out that baby bump on Summer, the one on the left. Anyways, since you just decided to notice my little baby bump and little udder, I am going to hold out 'till the kids come to let you know who the daddy is. Could be pure bred LaManchas, could be mini-Manchas.......regardless, I am sure they will be cute like me:)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

And so the snow began to melt......

And so the warm temperatures arrived this weekend,
And so the snow began to end,
And the water began to flow,
And the inches of ice just stayed there like so,
And all I thought was, "Oh No."

These are 2 lovely views of the ice in the the 17 years I have lived here, this is the worst ice mess in the backyard.

I walked the North fence line because I could now that the snow melted. And right away I noticed that the fence seemed "higher" than me. Well, that would because the poles raised up out of the ground by a good 7 inches; leaving a nice big gap at the bottom of the fence.......not good to say the least.

This has never happened to me with the fencing and I have paid good money to have pasture fence put in. It only happened to this fence line. The "smart fence man" who put this pasture in for me augured the holes for the posts. All my other pasture posts were pounded in.......the best way to put posts in!!! And guess what? Those fence lines are just fine......go figure. I can only hope they will settle back down, but I am sure they won't and I will have to get them pounded I have all that spare money to do that.

In honor of the snow melt, I decided that the happy snowmen around my house had to go too. So, I started packing up their happy little faces. I bought this new basket yesterday in Amish country.........much better than the snowman that was hanging there.
Please tell me that I am not the only one with "issues" in the yard and barn area.......
its so depressing sometimes and I feel so bad for the animals:(