Saturday, January 31, 2009

Changes being made around the Homestead

Busy, busy, busy!!! Semester grades are due in the computer by close of school tomorrow and because I have a habit of waiting 'till the last minute, I have been working on them. Last night I got most of them in the computer while watching the dog show.....

Pembroke Corgis should have won!!!

But anyways, back to the olde' homestead. Had to make a change in living arrangements this week because Johnny, the POA punk, was/is being a jerk about letting TJ, my Black Cotswold ram in the lean-to and Wednesday when we had that huge snow storm, TJ was covered in snow and ice because he was outside without shelter. So, my moved TJ up with the ram lambs, bucks, and Jed. TJ is so laid back that I knew there would be no issues.

And after the initial smelling and a bump here or there, everyone is just fine. Even Jed. had no issues with it........I really think that the polled rams are less aggressive. Or maybe its just the breeds that I have and the polled genetics on top of that. Either way, I am very pleased with my boys and their temperments.

Check out Sassy, the Nigerian Dwarf goat on the right. She is looking pretty pregnant!! She kinda popped out this week so she will be the first on the farm to have babies this year. I am pretty excited because I have not bred the Nigerians as I finally got a buck from Flat Rocks in Texas this past April. I am hoping for twin does....fingers crossed:)

Not sure about the rest of the farm people out there, but my animals are just going through the loose minerals like crazy. (I find the minerals blocks to be a waste) Which is good because I want everyone drinking and urinating just fine, esp. the wethers and rams/bucks. I had one blocked wether a few years back and it just broke my heart. Actually I am going to start adding Hydrangea Root to the bucks and rams grain to help ward off any blockage issues that could potential creep up. My friend Lisa is an herbalist and she uses it with her bucks and with good results.

I picked up this magazine the other day at TSC because I am hoping to have a very productive garden this year.......great ideas in these magazine esp. this chicken/turkey coop idea.

And then I love this Nature's Garden magazine too! Beautiful ideas for gardening in it!! I have an "issue" with gardening magazines......its like a coffee addicition for someone people (FYI...I hate coffee). So after all these grades are done, I have plenty of magazines to to read, think, and plan for this spring...........
for example this picture below of the frozen tundra in my back yard !
This is the future site for my sweet corn, broom corn, and gourds. I am determined to have a nice crop of sweet corn this year. If anyone has a suggestion on first year planning tips for the ground prep, please let me know:)
Okay, off to make chocolate chip cookies and then finish those grades!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Have Declared an Official Snow Ban!

As of today, January 28th, 2009, I am official done with winter.
No if's, and's, or but's about it.......I am done.
I know there is still February and March to go so there may be some days in which I "complain" but after close to 600 (and probably more) schools called off today due to the Pan Handle Hook dumping a foot of snow, most of which was hitting at rush hour, and the large public school district that I work for in the city of Cleveland did not have the common sense, again, to call the day off, I refused to go in to school knowing darn well that it would be at least a one and 45 minute drive. Our district was "so smart" that we made CNN news who wanted to know what kind of "safe" district it was. They did have a brain fart and decided to close schools early.......the kicker is that it was on the noon news and I called my school and spoke to one of my colleagues and he thought I was joking because the district had not notified them yet.
See, I am already complaining.

The mounds of snow around the barns appear to be getting taller....notice the silly goats venturing out on the paths:)

I find it strange that the snow drift this morning outside of my front door reaches the bottom of the flag......perhaps a tad too much snow?

The girls ventured out in the snow this afternoon too.

Seriously, if I did not shovel paths for the goats, they would never leave the barn.....goofs!!

I had to shovel all the snow in the ram lambs and bucks barn because the drifts were so high, silly LaMancha buck in the doorway is a pansy and doesn't want to come out in the snow:)

And of course, Miss Dixie is just loving the snow regardless:)
I, however, am an official "Snow Ban" as of today!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Very Funny ReRun!!

My dog ReRun has this "thing" about the dog toys and carrying them around the house and he likes to bring them to me when I come home from school. Today I thought I would share with you his toy of choice.............

Yep, this is his new toy (actually Dixie's toy but she is sharing).
I guess you could say it sure is a mouth full.
I wonder how he is actually breathing while holding it.
As long as he is happy, that's all that matters:)