Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here is to Cheering in 2010!

Check. Done.
A year older. Don't think I am a year wiser. Still seem to have the same bills. Made more money but sure doesn't seem it. Oh, thats right, I forgot.....more animals. Gotta stop that.
Overall, I have to admit it, the year was fairly good esp. since there is a new principal at my school:) I have made progress with the gardens, finally getting all the picket fence up. This year the serious planting will commence. I have promised myself that this will be a year of learning about wool: the spinning, the knitting, the felting, the dying etc. Once I do this, I really think other plans will finally start to fall into place. I need to push myself harder and stay focused. There are many blogs that I have read that are true inspirations but I know that inspiration has to start with me and deciding that yes, I can do this, is truly the first step.

So, even amongst all the crappy excuses I might try to make in 2010, I have to ignore them and find that ray of sunshine, that ray of hope, that inspiration. Dixie's favorite place to hide her treats and bones is in the manure pile and when she finds them again, its like a big prize.
Perhaps there is a "prize" among all of those procrastinations and what ifs I have been coming up with.

So here is to cheering in 2010.........cheers to everyone who has stopped by my those who have taken the time to leave a those of you who have wonderful blogs that I enjoy cheering all small hobby farm/farmers and what they do........for cheering in the revitalization of farmer markets......and cheering in all those darn animals that make us smile everyday!!
In 2010 may many of our dreams come true!


Deb said...

Wishing you a 2010 where all your dreams and desires come true!

You work very hard Kristi - you have a great heart and what you do is so very important.

I wish you great success on your beautiful homestead and look forward to reading about your journey along the way :)

Happy New year my friend!

kristi said...

Thank you for your words as you are one who inspires me! I love your blog and one day I know I will be shopping by the farm stand! Best wishes to you also:)

thecrazysheeplady said...

I guess we need Dixie to remind us that sometimes there are prizes in big piles of manure ;-). Happy New Year friend!