Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Amish Country with a 2nd Grader

Today was my day to make a quick drive down to Amish Country to pick up some oats ($14.30 for 100 lbs) and bird seed and pick up some last minute ingredients for baking because why would I have looked at all of my holiday magazine issues last month to decide what I wanted to make this Christmas......its much better to do it 3 days before Christmas when I have so much spare time.

My Dad and nephew Bobby came along for the ride. There was just enough snow to make for a nice drive. Bobby even said everything looked nice and for a second grader, I thought that was quite observant.

When we stopped at Maysville to get 300 lbs of oat I told Bobby to grab 3 of those bags and load them up......he found no humor in my directive.

I showed Bobby one of my favorite barns. When I asked him if he could live down in Amish country, he said that it he couldn't live without electricity because his video games would not work but he did like to look at their horses. Life is so complicated in second grade:)

Bobby spotted these horses pulling the wagon of feed. He wanted me to get a nice picture of it but then he wanted to know where the McDonald's was.........well at least he saw and learned some new things about Amish people. But he had to wait 30 more minutes 'till we
got to McDonald's. I think he said "Are we there yet?" about a half a dozen times!
Tomorrow is a baking and wrapping marathon day but I am sure I will find a little nap time in there somewhere:)

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thecrazysheeplady said...

What a nice day. Great post!