Sunday, November 22, 2009

Those Silly Lambies

I baby my sheep way too much.
I truly treat each and everyone of them like they are one of my kids.
Sometimes I let the lambies out when I am just doing things around the yard.
And sometimes I just have to run in the house to use the bathroom.

I guess I need to explain that to some of the lambies.
Sometimes they just follow me everywhere.
Perhaps they were thinking I would let them in also............
Sometimes I can only do so much for my lambies.
But I do appreciate their little sense of humor:)


~Tonia said...

They are cute! I get accused of spoilingmy goats all the time!!Lol

Gail V said...

I love the little brown lambies, and just as much, the little white cotswold ewe in the last post!

Shula said...

LOL very cute. I've bought bottle feed lambs into the house with me and sat in the kitchen with them. My baby chicks were also raised in a playpen in the house lol. Those are some cute sheep.

Susan said...

To darn cute. Brought, "Mary had a little lamb". to mind :)

kristi said...

Oh, I can't even talk about my goats as I have to shovel paths for them in the winter so they won't get their precious hooves cold! LOL

Its good to hear from you! Thank you for your compliments as it is much appreciated:)

thank you for stopping by! I have yet to bring them in the house as I believe the cats would throw me out:)

Oh yes, I often feel that should be my name! Are you going to the IX Center?