Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Friendship......

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.
Friendship is based on trust.
Dixie is the protector of her little lambies. They trust her and sometimes they even share their grain with her........sometimes. These little lambs have been getting an extra supplement of grain and fresh grass to hopefully give them an extra few pounds for winter.

Have I introduced you too my little friend? This is "Glover", my little 10# Shetland wether. He sure is not the "ideal" Shetland but he has a heart of gold and calls to me everytime he sees me. He follows me around in the yard while I do chores and loves to be picked up and hugged and because of that he will always have a home right here. I will protect him and love him because he is my friend and I could care else whether or not he is the "ideal" Shetland. Friends don't judge friends like that.

Squirt and "Miss Addison" are working on their friendship.

Miss Addison is a Black Cotswold x Shetland cross.......her daddy is Jed and she got his black gullie white teardrops. She is a sweetheart 100x over and is definitely a true friend. I think she is going to have some Cotswold dreads too:)

This is Miss Addison's fleece.........oh, she is just so thick and soft already at 6 months!!
Its been so busy around the house, farm, and at school and now with the time change I am sure I will feel like I have less time. And good grief, Thanksgiving will be here before I know it. At least I have my "friends" to share the holidays with:)


Rayna said...

Miss Addison has LOVELY fleece :)

Deb said...

You have an adorable bunch of friends :)
They are very lucky to have you to take care and protect them.

Aren't critters just grand?!!

Have a great week :)

Caroline said...

I sometimes have to call my husband over to the computer so that he can see one of your darling friends. I've always loved sheep, but yours are extra special

Kara said...

You have some two legged friends that trust, support, and don't judge you too! :)

Christine said...

I just LOVE Glover. He is adorable! I think he's fabulous just the way he is.

Becky Utecht said...

Miss Addison is really nice! What an interesting cross. Thanks for sharing her fleece shot - I'm drooling over it.

Kelly said...

Glover is adorable!