Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just one of those days

Today was just one of those days. So many things to do and not wanting to do any of them.So I got an attitude and did very little:)The "boys" on the farm are being "boys" today and acting pathetic. I told them to get over it as I have made NO decisions on breeding. Jedidiah is the ONLY ONE who might get lucky with 1 or 2. I just want to enjoy the sheep I have right now.
I want to enjoy Essex, my white Cotswold ewe lamb who has not been feeling well and I have been giving her a lot of TLC.

I want to enjoy these 2 ewe lambs grow up.

I just want to sit and appreciate my sheep and learn from them.
And besides that, I am adding a new breed here........just one ewe lamb, hopefully white too:)
Lots of thoughts and ideas on the homestead.

Thank goodness I will have a few months inside to reflect and plan for upcoming changes.
So many things to do.........


Michelle said...

Oh my; another breed of sheep???

Kara said...

I hope Essex is feeling better soon...she is so pretty. Did your vet have any ideas for you?

kristi said...

Her fecal was negative but she is anemic and tired. I am giving her lixotinic and just doing a lot of babying. If she does not turn around in a week or so I will get some blood work done.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Hmmm - wonder what's going on with her. You might throw some probios in just in case. Won't hurt, might help. You might try another fecal. It's been a bad year for worms.