Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just the Day Before Friday the 13th

There is a serious strike going on in the chicken coop. I am willing to be sympathetic to the girls to some point, but ONE EGG every 3-4 days for 2o girls???? REALLY???

Perhaps they missed the memo on Thanksgiving and the big baking season coming up. They have been free-ranging for the last month and this is the gratitude I get. One egg every 3-4 day. Pathetic. I think I am getting played.

The real hero around here this week is Jangles. Jangles is my outdoor cat and is a pretty good "catch". A rat had taken up residence in my garden barn the past few months and I won't put rat killer down due to the cats and I refuse to set one of those huge rat traps (I like my fingers attached to my hands) so I have been hoping one of the cats would get the nasty, disgusting rat. Monday morning when I went to the garden barn to get bird seed, I stepped on something soft. It was dark so I was not really focused on the ground but I was when I stepped on the soft thing. At first I thought it was a small cat then I saw that nasty rat tail. After my intital panic attack, I was quite happy to know "it" was dead. Jangles is known for leaving snakes, mice, moles, and even a bat once on the porch so I am sure with 99.9% accuracy that he got the rat.
He got tuna for breakfast as a treat:)

Other than that excitement, things have relaxed a bit around the homestead. Lots of hungry animals with the cooler weather and sheep are pretty wooly.......though I think the chickens have relaxed just a little too much!

Since tomorrow is Friday the 13th maybe I will try to scare the chickens into giving me some eggs.......well its a thought:)


~Tonia said...

I know the feeling my hens thought they needed to molt.. I got 2 eggs over a week ago and nothing since... Goats are drying up too!! What are they thinking?!? Nice blog by the way! I plan on coming back and reading more!

Christine said...

We're almost as bad here on the egg production. I had a long chat with them this morning about the possibility of attending freezer camp. I'm sure that will snap them out of it. ;-)

ae1501 said...

Yaaaaaaaaayyy Jangles, way to make Mom proud!

Caroline said...

What a courteous kitty. We used to have one who would often deposit mouse hearts on our front porch. We appreciated the sentiment but not the actual act.